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Avanti Kitchen Tools: A Perfect Union Of Style & Function In The Kitchen

For over 20 years, Avanti has been a trusted brand recognised throughout Australia. They offer a wide variety of high-quality, affordable kitchenware, including cookware, utensils, tableware, and homewares. Avanti's quality products and competitive prices make it a great option for both home cooks and professional chefs. If you're looking for practical and functional tools to help you in the kitchen at a great price point, Avanti is a brand worth considering.

Avanti Kitchenware: Shop Kitchen Utensils, Gadgets & Food Prep Accessories

Avanti has become a household name for useful kitchen tools and gadgets. Shop from a range of handy utensils such as silicone & stainless steel tongs, whisks, citrus juicers, digital cooking timers & scales, can openers, peelers, graters, garlic presses, and more. If you need a great pair of kitchen scissors, Avanti has some fantastic options. They also sell magnetic racks for easy storing of your stainless steel cutlery, knives and kitchen utensils.

Known for supplying purpose-made tools and gadgets for even the most specific jobs - no matter whether you need to debone a fish, shuck an oyster, score a pork belly or poach an egg, Avanti has the right tool for you! Be sure to check out the guide on our hub for the 10 must-have kitchen gadgets you need in your home.

Avanti Bakeware: Shop Measuring Cups, Mixing Spoons, Food Thermometers

Avanti offers professional-grade bakeware and baking tools that help your home kitchen feel like a patisserie. In addition to supplying quality versions of the classic staples, such as stainless steel mixing bowls & wooden mixing spoons, they also offer more technical products. Their range of accurate measuring cups & measuring spoons and oven thermometers will help you perfect your baking to an exact science. Avanti also sells thermometers for candy-making and deep frying, as well as refrigerator thermometers for chilled foods and desserts. If pastry-making is your thing, Avanti's silicone pastry mats & pastry brushes are made from professional materials and will accommodate all of your glazing, oiling, basting and buttering needs.

Avanti Drinkware: Shop Coffee Makers, Coffee Cups, Teapots & More

For many, Avanti is known for its coffee and tea-making products above anything else. The Avanti coffee maker is an incredibly popular offering that is seen throughout Australian homes. Designed to reflect the function of a classic Italian-style Moka espresso maker, these cast aluminium percolators are available in sizes ranging from 3-cup (150mL) to 6-cup (300mL) options. Avanti also sells coffee plungers for those who prefer the French press style of coffee-making. If you like milk in your coffee, invest in an Avanti milk frother Avanti to achieve creamy textured milk that will give your cup that barista-made feel.

If you're after an espresso machine, browse our kitchen appliances category for some great deals on the best machines.

For tea-lovers, Avanti also offers a fantastic range of teapots and tea kettles. If you're looking for a new cast-iron or stainless-steel teapot, Avanti has a few beautiful designs to choose from. Their teapots also feature a removable tea infuser for easy preparation of your favourite brew. Avanti's stovetop kettles are also a great investment, constructed from satin-polished stainless steel and designed with a whistling function to indicate when the water is boiled.

To take your favourite homemade beverage on the go, the Avanti Go Cup range is made from premium borosilicate glass for thermal regulation and is available in a range of colours and sizes. A reusable travel coffee cup is a simple eco-friendly choice, and Avanti's cups are some of the most popular on the market due to their double-insulated designs in a range of fun colour combinations.

Discover Quality Kitchen Wares From Avanti At Harris Scarfe

If you need high-quality products, functional design, affordable prices, and a wide variety of choices, Avanti is a great brand to consider for your next set of kitchen wares. Pinpoint exactly what's missing from your kitchen with our top 20 kitchen essentials guide on the Hub. Shop Avanti and more great brands at Harris Scarfe, online and in-store today!