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Whether it is cooking or serving, our kitchen tongs at Harris Scarfe are a handy addition to your kitchen. Shop tongs for an elevated cooking experience at home.

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Kitchen Tongs: Essential Kitchenware for Cooking & Serving

From flipping steaks to serving up salads, tongs are a versatile kitchen tool that can be used in a variety of cooking applications and tasks. At Harris Scarfe, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide range of tongs and other essential kitchen items to meet their cooking needs. If you're looking to update your kitchen gadgets or replace an essential missing piece from your utensils drawer, check out our food prep tools buying guide and shop from some of the best kitchenware brands in Australia to find the right products for you.

Decoding The Different Types of Kitchen Tongs

Like many kitchen tools, there are a variety of different kinds of tongs available, purpose-made for specific uses. Here are just some of the most popular types of tongs used in everyday kitchens around Australia:

  • Cooking Tongs - When it comes to cooking, precision and control are paramount. Our cooking tongs are designed to provide a firm grip and allow you to handle delicate foods with ease. Crafted with the highest quality materials, these tongs ensure durability and reliability, making them an indispensable tool for any cooking enthusiast.
  • Serving Tongs - Impress your guests and serve your next dish in style with our range of serving tongs. These elegant and functional tongs are designed to effortlessly handle everything from appetisers to main courses.
  • Silicone Tongs - For those seeking versatility and non-stick properties, our silicone (and plastic) tongs are the perfect choice. These tongs are gentle on cookware surfaces, ensuring that your pots and pans remain scratch-free. Ideal for use with non-stick pans, these tongs offer the flexibility and convenience you need in your kitchen.
  • Mini Tongs - Tiny yet mighty, miniature tongs are a must-have for precise tasks that require delicate handiwork. Perfect for garnishing, plating, or even serving small appetisers, mini tongs provide exceptional control and allow you to handle even the most intricate food items with finesse.
  • Grilling/BBQ Tongs - An essential tool for your barbecue supplies kit! Designed to withstand high heat and handle hefty cuts of meat, these tongs offer a secure grip and ensure effortless maneuverability on the grill. Make your barbeque gathering a breeze with these sturdy and reliable tongs.
  • Salad Tongs - Creating a delicious salad is an art, and our salad tongs are your trusted companions in this endeavour. With their ergonomic design and gentle grip, these tongs allow you to toss and serve salads with precision. Make your salads the talk of the table with our specially crafted salad tongs.

Stainless Steel Tongs vs. Silicone Tongs

Stainless steel tongs are known for their durability, heat resistance, and sturdy construction, making them ideal for high-temperature cooking and grilling. On the other hand, silicone tongs provide a non-stick surface, ensuring the safety of your cookware while offering flexibility and ease of use. Silicone tongs are perfect for use with delicate foods and non-stick cooking pans and frypans.

Shop Innovative Brands for Kitchen Tools at Harris Scarfe

At Harris Scarfe, we partner with renowned kitchenware brands such as OXO, Avanti, and Cuisena. These brands are known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship:

Shop Harris Scarfe To Find The Best Kitchen Tools For Your Needs

At Harris Scarfe, we believe that having the right tool for the job makes all the difference, which is why we offer a wide range of tongs to suit every cooking need. From cooking tongs to serving tongs, we've got you covered. Visit your local Harris Scarfe store or browse online today and grab a pair of tongs to add to your kitchen arsenal. Don't forget to check out our kitchen essentials guide, which will help you identify any missing items from your kitchen supplies.