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Jar Openers & Can Openers: Essential Kitchen Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Having reliable and efficient food preparation tools provides an indispensable benefit to any kitchen. Among the wide range of kitchen utensils available at Harris Scarfe, jar and can openers play a critical role in simplifying meal preparation. By providing extra leverage and grip, can and jar openers make it easier to twist and loosen stubborn lids. They are essential kitchen gadgets for anyone struggling with grip strength or difficulty in opening jars but also provide ease of use and a safe way to open cans and jars to any home cook.

How To Use A Can Opener

A can opener is used to remove the lid from cans, typically made of metal, and is mainly used for opening canned food items such as vegetables, soups, or fruits. Manual can openers, such as the Magican can opener, use a rotating wheel or blade to cut through the can lid.

  1. Familiarise Yourself with the Can Opener - Before using a can opener, it's essential to understand how it works. A typical can opener consists of a handle and a cutting tool. The cutting wheel is located at the bottom of the opener, while the handle is used to rotate the wheel.
  2. Position the Can Opener - Place the can opener on top of the can, ensuring that the cutting wheel is positioned where the can lid meets the can body. The handles of the opener should be pointing upwards.
  3. Apply Pressure and Rotate - Gently press the cutting wheel against the can's lid while holding the can steady with your other hand. Begin rotating the handle of the can opener in a clockwise direction. Apply consistent pressure to maintain a smooth and steady rotation.
  4. Cut Along the Lid - Continue rotating the handle until the cutting wheel has made a complete revolution around the can's lid. As you rotate, the cutting wheel will pierce the lid, creating a clean and even cut.
  5. Remove the Lid - Once you have completed the rotation, the can's lid should be separated from the can body. To remove the lid, carefully lift the handle of the can opener upwards, and the lid will come along with it. Be cautious of any sharp edges.
  6. Discard the Lid - Once the lid is removed, dispose of it safely by placing it in a garbage bag or recycling bin. Take care when handling the lid to avoid any potential injuries.

How To Use A Jar Opener

A jar opener is designed specifically to open jars with vacuum-sealed lids or lids that are tightly screwed on. It can be used to grip and twist the lid until it loosens, making it easier to open. Jar openers are often made of silicone, with adjustable grips or rubberised surfaces that provide a firm hold on the lid, preventing slips or injuries.

  1. Prepare the Jar - Ensure the jar is tightly closed before attempting to open it. Jars often have vacuum-sealed lids, making them difficult to open. Inspect the lid for any damage or bulges that may indicate spoilage. If the jar appears damaged or bulging, it is advisable to discard it instead of trying to open it.
  2. Hold the Jar Firmly - Hold the jar with one hand, placing it on a stable surface such as a countertop or table. Ensure a firm grip to prevent the jar from slipping.
  3. Insert the Jar Opener - Position the jar opener around the lid of the jar. There are different types of jar openers available, such as rubber grip mats, clamp-style openers, or strap-style openers. Choose the one that works best for you.
  4. Apply Pressure - Apply downward pressure on the jar opener to secure it onto the lid firmly. The opener should grip the lid tightly to provide optimal leverage for opening.
  5. Rotate the Lid - Using the jar opener as a handle, begin rotating the lid counterclockwise. Apply consistent pressure while turning to break the seal and loosen the lid. Depending on the tightness of the lid and the jar opener's design, you may need to exert more force to open it.
  6. Remove the Lid - Once the lid is sufficiently loosened, release the pressure on the jar opener and remove it from the lid. Use your hand to unscrew the lid the rest of the way. If you encounter any resistance, you can reapply the jar opener for additional assistance.

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