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Extract the juice without the pulps or seeds with our useful juicers & squeezers at Harris Scarfe. Shop lemon juicers & citrus squeezers for effortless juicing.

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Get hands-on with Harris Scarfe's kitchen essentials and discover our premium range of fruit juicers and squeezers. Whether you prefer squeezing juice manually or opting for the efficiency of hand-press juicers. Our selection aims to enhance your breakfast routine with the natural goodness of freshly squeezed juice. Embrace the simplicity of manually squeezing citrus fruits for a rustic touch to your morning ritual. Discover the amazing range of squeezers and juicers including:

  1. Handheld Citrus Squeezers: Ideal for extracting juice from citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, handheld squeezers are a must-have for any kitchen. The simple yet effective design ensures that you can effortlessly juice your favourite fruits, adding a burst of freshness to your beverages or culinary creations.
  2. Hand-Press Juicers: For those who prefer a bit more leverage, the hand-press juicer is a practical choice. This type of juicer is suitable for a variety of fruits, allowing you to extract juice with ease. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making the juicing process swift and efficient.
  3. Simple Citrus Juicers: Tailored for simplicity and functionality, the simple citrus juicer accommodates various citrus fruits. Its straightforward operation makes it an excellent choice for extracting juice without unnecessary complications.

Lemon Squeezers and Juicers FAQs

Which type of juicer is best for home use?

When it comes to enhancing your home kitchen with the goodness of fresh juices, selecting the right juicer is crucial. The charm of manual juicers and squeezers lies in their simplicity and control. Unlike their electric counterparts, manual options allow users to regulate the pressure and extraction process, ensuring the perfect amount of juice without any wastage. Additionally, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for those who appreciate efficiency in the kitchen.

Manual Juicers vs Blenders

When choosing between manual juicers and squeezers vs. blenders, the difference lies in the texture of your beverage. Blenders excel in creating smoothies and shakes by homogeneously blending the entire fruit, pulp included. In contrast, manual juicers/squeezers specialise in delivering a clear and refined juice, skilfully extracting the liquid without incorporating the fibrous texture, providing a pristine and refreshing result.

Manual Juicers vs Food Processors

When it comes to the choice between manual juicers and squeezers vs food processors, the focus shifts to the extraction process. Food processors, adept at chopping, slicing, and grating, step back when it comes to obtaining pure juice. Manual juicers/squeezers showcase their prowess in this area, offering a hands-on experience that efficiently separates the liquid essence of fruits, providing smooth and unadulterated juice.

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With a rich history rooted in kitchenware excellence, Avanti has been a trusted name for over four decades. Their ethos revolves around providing high-quality, innovative products that simplify kitchen tasks. Avanti's citrus squeezers showcase their commitment to durability and functionality, ensuring a reliable addition to your kitchen arsenal.


Renowned for its commitment to universal design and ergonomics, OXO has become a household name in kitchen essentials. OXO's juicers and squeezers are crafted with attention to detail, combining functionality with user-friendly designs. The brand's dedication to creating tools that work well for everyone is evident in the construction of their kitchenware.

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