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Shop Effective Fruit & Vegetable Peelers at Harris Scarfe

When it comes to simplifying your food preparation, a reliable peeler is an indispensable kitchen tool. Harris Scarfe brings you a collection of top-quality peelers, ensuring that your fruit and vegetable peeling experiences are efficient and enjoyable. No matter your culinary goals, find the right peeler for your needs right here. Discover more about the different peelers below:

  • Fruit & Vegetable Peelers: Designed for everyday use, swivel peelers effortlessly strip away the outer layers of a variety of fruits and vegetables, including apples, carrots, potatoes, and cucumbers.
  • Julienne Peelers: Perfect for creating fine strips or matchstick cuts from vegetables, adding a touch of elegance to your salads and stir-fries.
  • Y-Peelers: Featuring a Y-shaped design, these peelers are excellent for efficiently peeling larger fruits and vegetables with stability and control.
  • Serrated Peelers: Equipped with a serrated edge, these peelers are perfect for delicately gripping the skin of soft fruits and vegetables, ensuring a clean and smooth peel. Ideal for produce like tomatoes and peaches.

Mastering Peeling Techniques: Tips for Using Different Peelers

Mastering the art of peeling with different peelers allows you to efficiently prepare ingredients and experiment with textures in your cooking. Whether it's the precision of a Y-shaped peeler or the simplicity of a swivel peeler, Harris Scarfe's diverse kitchen range ensures you have the right tool for every kitchen task.

How To Use A Julienne Peeler

Hold the Julienne peeler like a pencil. Apply even pressure as you glide it along the vegetable, creating fine strips. Experiment with different vegetables for varied textures.

Pro Tip: For safety, choose sturdy vegetables and maintain a controlled pace.

How To Use A Swivel Peeler

Hold the swivel peeler at a comfortable angle. Place the blade against the vegetable's surface and peel in a downward motion. The swivel feature adjusts to the vegetable's shape.

Pro Tip: Use short strokes for better control and to minimise waste.

How To Use A Y-Peeler

Hold the Y-peeler with the handle perpendicular to the vegetable's surface. Glide the peeler along the vegetable, creating wide and even strips. The Y shape offers stability and control.

Pro Tip: Y-peelers are excellent for peeling larger fruits and vegetables with minimal effort.

How To Use A Serrated Peeler

Grip the serrated peeler with a firm hold. The serrated edge easily grips the skin of soft fruits and vegetables. Glide the peeler along the surface for precise and effortless peeling.

Pro Tip: Ideal for delicate produce like tomatoes and peaches, the serrated peeler ensures a clean and smooth peel.

Unconventional Kitchen Hacks Using Peelers

Peelers, in their various types, offer more than just peeling. Try these innovative uses to make the most of your peeler:

  • Chocolate Shavings: Use any type of peeler to create delicate chocolate shavings for desserts.
  • Butter Curls: Transform a block of butter into elegant curls with the swivel peeler for a refined presentation.
  • Garlic Slices: Achieve thin garlic slices using the basic peeler for infusing flavours into your dishes.

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