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Love At First Sip: How To Choose The Perfect Mug For Your Next Brew

Every tea drinker and coffee lover knows that experiencing your favourite hot beverage is only enhanced when enjoyed through the perfect vessel. Harris Scarfe offers a variety of mugs made in different sizes, materials & styles to suit any occasion.

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A good quality set of mugs are a terrific investment for your kitchen. Not only are they incredibly practical, daily-use items, but they can also provide an aesthetic function when displayed in a visible location. At Harris Scarfe, you'll be sure to find a selection of mugs from a brand that suits your taste:

  • Casa Domani: One of Australia's favourite dining ware brands - Casa Domani mugs feature bold & colourful yet modern designs that encapsulate the spirit of alfresco dining.
  • Ashdene: One for the high-tea lovers! Ashdene supplies fine-quality teaware that includes mugs. Featuring dainty, vintage-inspired designs with beautiful floral accents.
  • Maxwell & Williams: Take it back to basics with a mug set from Maxwell & Williams, a globally recognised brand. Their luxury dining ware range includes quality sets of mugs that showcase the beauty of simplicity through neutral colours & designs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mugs

Is there a difference between a cup and a mug?

While their function may be similar, the main difference between a 'cup' and a 'mug' is their shape. Cups are generally smaller than mugs and will typically have a handle & saucer. Mugs, on the other hand, are larger in size and don't necessarily require a handle. Mugs are often thicker and better insulated, making them comfortable to wrap your hands around, even without a handle.

What is the best type of mug for coffee?

The best type of mug to use for coffee can differ, depending on the situation you're in! Enamel mugs are a great choice for camping thanks to their durability, whilst a travel mug would be the perfect solution for taking coffee on the go. When enjoying at home, we recommend using a cafe-style glass or ceramic coffee mug. These materials are non-porous and won't impact the taste of your coffee or tea. Just remember to always ensure that any glassware you're using is rated for use with hot liquids.

What is a mug cake and how do I make one?

A 'mug cake' is a popular at-home treat, made by combining simple cake ingredients in a mug. These ingredients are mixed together and then microwaved for an easy and delicious dessert option. If you need inspiration for more tasty recipes, out our Food Hub. We even have a guide on how to make the perfect coffee at home.

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As something that will become part of your morning or bedtime routine, it's important to choose a mug that you absolutely love. We have the best tips, tricks & product range to help you build your dream drinkware collection from scratch. Whether you're on the hunt for your new favourite mug, an appliance such as a kettle to kickstart your brew, or looking to refresh your entire tableware setting, look no further than online or in-store at Harris Scarfe.