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It's easier than you think to make bar-quality cocktails at home. All you need is a select number of tools to help turn that simple mixed drink into a tasty and artful concoction. At Harris Scarfe, our barware range has everything you need for your cocktail-making kit. Mix, shake & strain your creations into speciality drinkware designed to enhance the whole experience. Read on to find out which essential tools & accessories you'll need for your at-home mixology.

What Essential Accessories Do I Need To Make Cocktails?

The beauty of cocktail-making is that you can make the process as simple or as complex as you'd like, depending on your preference. We'd recommend starting with the bare essentials: ensure you have filled ice trays ready to go in the freezer, and cocktail glasses for serving. Of course, there are also a number of bar tools that we'd recommend if you wish to take your cocktail making to the next level. This will depend on which cocktail you're hoping to make, but most of the classics will require a combination of the following: a cocktail shaker, a jigger (or measuring device), a strainer, and a muddler.

Shop From Leading Brands For Cocktail Accessories At Harris Scarfe

You may wish to purchase all of the necessary cocktail accessories individually or purchase a cocktail-making kit that offers all of the essential tools. Tempa stocks a great range of cocktail sets, check out this silver 5-piece kit made from quality stainless steel. Homewares brand Avanti is also a great choice - they offer their own cocktail essentials kit, or you can buy all of the accessories you need separately. For a more luxurious choice that still has all of the necessary tools (and more!), the Smith+Nobel range offers an 8-piece cocktail set in a variety of colourways.

Cocktail Accessories: FAQ

You may now be armed with the right tools for a mixologist, but knowing what to do with them is an essential part of the process! Below, we explain the function of the classic cocktail accessories and how to use them:

What is a cocktail mixer?

A cocktail mixer (also known as a cocktail shaker) is a liquids container with a tight-fitting lid. The container is used to mix and chill the ingredients, while the lid ensures that the cocktail is properly shaken and prevents spills. They are typically made from glass or metal such as stainless steel, and sometimes come with a built-in strainer.

How to use a cocktail strainer?

A cocktail strainer is used to strain chilled mixed drinks or cocktails, eliminating solid components or ice before serving. This ensures that the drink is smooth and without any pulp, ice, or herb leaves, which may alter the texture or flavour. Using one is simple!

  1. After mixing and shaking your cocktail, place the strainer on top of the shaker and hold it firmly in place.
  2. Slowly pour the cocktail through the strainer into your cocktail, martini, or other bar glass such as a tumbler.
  3. Discard the remaining ice and ingredients from your shaker, and rinse it out before making another drink.

How to use a cocktail muddler?

There are two main types of cocktail muddlers, wooden and stainless steel. Wooden muddlers are best for muddling herbs and fruits, while stainless steel muddlers are ideal for crushing ice and other hard ingredients. Here's a simple three-step process for how to muddle common cocktail ingredients such as fruits and herbs:

  1. Select the ingredients you want to muddle and place them in a sturdy glass or shaker.
  2. Using a gentle twisting and pressing motion, use the muddler to crush and twist the ingredients against the bottom of the glass or shaker.
  3. Continue to muddle until the ingredients have been broken down to your desired consistency.

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Cocktail-making at home is made simple, with help from Harris Scarfe! Browse from our fantastic range of brands offering cocktail-making tools and accessories. Our Food hub has a great selection of recipes and tips for how to make famously classic cocktails enjoyed all around the world. Up your mixology game and shop cocktail accessories and bar tools at Harris Scarfe. Shop online or visit us in-store today!