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Equip Your Kitchen: Shop Spare Cookware Parts - Grill Inserts, Pot Strainers, Universal Lids + More

Get the job done with our range of spare cookware parts! Perhaps your oven is missing a shelf or the lid for your favourite frying pan has gone for an adventure. Not to worry - by investing in a few adaptable, all-purpose spare cookware parts, you can ensure that your kitchen arsenal never lets you down.

Cookware Parts Available at Harris Scarfe

  • Pot Strainers: Perfect for draining liquids from stock pots or large cooking pots, these strainers add convenience to your kitchen tasks.
  • Universal Pan Lids: A universal lid that fits various-sized frying pans, eliminating the need for multiple lids and providing a practical solution to keep your dishes covered.
  • Raco Cookware Cleaner: This cleaner is specifically designed to keep your cookware spotless, tackling tough stains and maintaining the shine of your pots and pans.
  • Roast Rack Grill Inserts: Is your oven missing a shelf rack or two? Invest in some universal grill inserts that enhance air circulation, ensuring a crispy and even roast. Just ensure they fit your oven prior to purchase!

Cookware Parts & Accessories - FAQs

How often do you need to replace cookware?

The frequency of replacement depends on usage and care. Quality cookware can last for many years with proper maintenance. For guidance on choosing cookware, check out our Cookware Buying Guide.

What cookware do you actually need?

The essentials vary, but consider investing in versatile pieces like saucepans, frying pans, and stockpots. For a comprehensive rundown on determining your kitchen needs, refer to our cookware buying guide.

What is the easiest cookware to maintain?

Cookware with non-stick coatings is generally easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with mild detergents and avoiding metal utensils can prolong the lifespan of non-stick cookware.

Explore Cookware & More from Leading Brands at Harris Scarfe

Our range of cookware parts brings convenience and adaptability to your kitchen. Explore the range to ensure your cooking arsenal is well-equipped for any culinary adventure. We also stock an extensive range of cookware and accessories from leading brands like Avanti and Casa Domani to complement your kitchen:

  • Spoon Rests: Keep your countertop clean and utensils within reach with stylish spoon rests.
  • Splatter Guards & Screens: Prevent messes and simplify clean up with practical splatter guards and screens.
  • Trivets: Protect your surfaces from hot cookware with a variety of trivets.