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Home Decor Ideas

The possibilities for transforming your home with home decor accessories are endless. That's why ensuring you're buying only what makes sense in your home is paramount. We have good news if you're in the market looking for home decor ideas that work. In this home decor buying guide, we've bundled up some of the most popularly asked questions along with tips and ideas on how to choose the best home decor style for your private spaces. Let's dive in.

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Start with a budget

This is the most critical starting point in your home decor buying journey. Your budget can be as big or as little as you like. Look around your home to gauge your needs when trying to understand the budget. Are you looking for a few statement pieces that will command a space - like an area rug, large wall art or an old tapestry? Or are you seeking a combination of smaller pieces like pillows, picture frames, clocks, and candles to give your spaces a pretty makeover?

One of the best things about buying home decor is that you don't need to break the bank to create the look of your dreams. It's easy to find objects and accessories within budget, provided you've done your research correctly. More than anything, there is a real opportunity to get creative with your home decor ideas, especially if you're on a tight budget.

What is my home decor style?

Looking to update your home but don't know where to start? The best home decor is the one that represents you and the aesthetics you favour. From Scandinavian, French provincial, and Hamptons to Mid-Century Modern, there are several interior decor styles to pick and choose from. We decode some of the most popular ones to help you make the right decisions for your space.

Simple Scandinavian

Simple yet warm - the Scandinavian decor aesthetic is loosely based on the Danish concept of hygge - which means cosy. The decor style embraces living with simplicity, illustrated in functional furniture with natural materials, traditional craftsmanship and minimalistic style. If you wish to lend colour, use art, natural fibre throws, furs or single furniture pieces.

Elevated Hamptons Style

The Hamptons style is synonymous with coastal decor, an aesthetic known for airy, fresh palettes and natural textures. In terms of colours, white and blue rule the roost. Think nautical-themed home decor accessories, timber floorboards, cross ventilation and white cabinetry. The intention often is a relaxed environment inspired by the beach or ocean.

Warm and Homely French Country

When you think of French Country, warm, earthy colours instantly come to mind, along with decorative wooden finishing. Think of a farmhouse aesthetic - with warm tones of red, brown, yellow, gold and natural materials like stone and brick. In terms of home decor ideas, ornate porcelain dishes, heavy linens, and bed coverings are all acceptable.

Shabby Chic and Full of Character

This vintage-inspired style feels feminine, soft and delicate. Colour palettes include white, cream and pastels with lightweight light fixtures and ornate wall hangings. Shabby chic combines elements of warmth and texture to create a welcoming and character filled space.

Midcentury Modern

A throwback to the design style of the mid-1900s, the mid-century modern is a design aesthetic that favours functionality and fuss-free design. Think pared-down forms, organic and natural shapes, and easy-to-use designs.

Industrial and Clean

Inspired by the urban loft or warehouse-style - the industrial aesthetic is all about raw unfinished textures with exposed brickwork, concrete, and wood. Think of high ceilings, metallic light fixtures, and functional furniture.

Home decor buying tips

Declutter and get rid of junk

Start with a blank canvas to help open up a room and have a better sense of what's needed to decorate the space. Organising clutter by investing in shelving and storage baskets is an excellent way to begin.

Measure before you buy

If the product purchased is too long, short or doesn't fit your space, it will unnecessarily cost you. That's why measuring the area or room you have to play with is essential. Note your measurements on paper before you head to the shops or purchase online. This will save you the headache of returns and repurchases, helping you get it right the first time and every time.

Alternate Heights

A great home decor idea is to shop for pieces with varying heights to make your spaces visually appealing. For instance, if you're buying frames, alternate between short, medium and tall ones. Also, consider purchasing products with a diverse colour palette, as this will automatically lend a refreshing look and feel to your space.

Choose pieces or accessories that tell a story

You want to pick thoughtful decor items that start conversations, feel like they belong or have a story to tell. This could be travel memorabilia, knick-knacks from a flea market, art that lights up your dull corners, or even objects like photo frames, cushion covers, bookends, etc. For example, books are an excellent way to style your spaces. And so, it's a great idea to pick out books with titles that help tell your story or spine colours that align with those in your room.

Compare pricing before buying

Ensure you've extensively compared prices before purchasing (online or in-store). It pays to look a product up online and check a few times on different home decor platforms. It's not unusual to find one product priced differently on different websites. Doing your research will mean you can get the same piece for a lower price without compromising quality.

Buy only what you love!

Only invest in pieces that get you excited. Never buy if you're feeling desperate to get the work finished soon. It pays to hold off until you can find a piece you wholeheartedly love and are excited to include in your home, as this is something you'll cherish for years from now. That's why a good rule of thumb is to not put a deadline on your home decorating plans.

Know what you're buying

Before you buy, know exactly what you're getting. Research the brand, understand how returns work, etc. Read the details on the item listing. Understand the delivery costs (in case of online purchase) and the timelines involved. Also, don't forget to check product reviews for a more informed purchase.

Look around your home

So often, we get caught up in trying to buy new decor items that we've missed an opportunity to rework old and forgotten items around the home that could do with a bit of spruce-up. Before shopping, look around your home to see what you can reuse and repurpose. It's also a more sustainable way to live.

Create a focal point

The best home decor is one that draws the eye in. That's why a good starting point is investing in one big-impact item in a room. This could be a tapestry, a painting, a floral arrangement, a vase, a rug, a throw pillow, or lamps - essentially anything that suits your style. Use this focal point to dictate your room's theme, style and mood.

Summing up

In short, here's what we recommend for buying those fantastic home accessories.

  • Declutter
  • Measure
  • Buy only what you love!
  • Assess what you have and repurpose where possible
  • Assess pricing
  • Know the brand and do your research
  • Choose pieces that are personal and tell a story
  • Create a focal point
Home Decorating Ideas

Select the right home decor accessories

Now that we've had the run-through of some of the most popular decor styles and buying tips to keep in mind, it's time to take your pick. We present a list of popular home decor accessories to select for your spaces. If you're stuck for home decor ideas, you can always choose from these ten items to help you make more informed choices for your rooms.


Clocks are a timeless decor accessory, available today in design options ranging from vintage and retro to ultra-modern. Whether displayed on walls or as bedside table decor - clocks are versatile home decor items that suit multiple interior styles.

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Lighting & Lamps

Lighting is a great way to create ambience and aura. Table and floor lamps are, thus, great design accessories for lending visual appeal and reducing harsh shadows. Harris Scarfe offers a wide variety of lamp styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.

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The easiest way to change a space's mood, feel and energy without making any significant design changes is simply by switching out old cushions for new ones. Cushions offer a cost-effective decor solution while helping you introduce a new colour palette. Complement your new cushions with our selection of cosy throws.

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Candles & Diffusers

If there is one thing that works as an instant pick-me-up in any home - it's a candle. Candles are ideal for creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere at home. Throw a diffuser into the mix for some uplifting scents to add to your ambience.

Shop candles & Diffusers

Shop Candles & Diffusers

Area rugs

An area rug works as a statement piece, instantly emerging as your room's focal point. Whether you're looking to create a cohesive look tied with the room's colour scheme or a cosy conversational space - rugs are a must-have. When considering rug materials, assess how much foot traffic your room receives and choose accordingly. Popular rug materials include nylon and natural fibres like cotton, jute, wool and sisal.

Wall art

Whether it's a one-off limited edition piece or a digital print of a popular design - wall art can effortlessly transform any corner in your home. Bonus if you know the meaning behind the work of art - this can add to the conversation around your home's story. When in doubt, invest in wall art.

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A fabulous home decor idea to create the illusion of a larger space is incorporating mirrors strategically in your home. Mirrors will also help create more light and openness and is a great decor accessory to invest in.

Photo frames

Picture frames can quickly help define your home's personality, but are also a sophisticated accessory to help represent the people living in your home. A home decor essential, use photo frames creatively for framing photos of people, places and things you cherish.

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Indoor plants - Natural or Artificial

There's a saying that you can never have too many indoor plants. Lending a calm and fresh vibe to your home - plants are a must-have in your decor arsenal. At Harris Scarfe, you can choose from a wide range of artificial plants that offer the same natural beauty minus the maintenance.

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Practical and stylish - coasters are an easy way to update your table decor without breaking the bank. They're eye-catching, and it's easy to keep them on display all day long. Harris Scarfe offers an exciting assortment of coasters for your home.

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Home decor ideas and great products from Harris Scarfe

If you're fishing for ideas that align with your space, our buying guide offers heaps of ideas, suggestions and tips for purchasing the best home decor accessories. With Harris Scarfe, buying home decor online is easy, effortless and fast! With that, you can opt for home delivery or a click-and-collect. Alternatively, visit your nearest Harris Scarfe store to shop in person. Don't forget to check out the Home Hub for styling and decor inspiration.