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When you want to 'keep it together', full brief and/or high-waisted underwear offer that little bit of extra fabric – where it counts – to make you feel more comfortable and confident. Generally speaking, full briefs provide more coverage around the buttocks and across the top of the legs while high-waisted undies feature a thicker waistband that comes further up your stomach, about an inch or so below the navel. Trends may come and go, but full brief undies or high-waisted undies continue to win favour with women because of their flattering style. This style also evokes a retro romantic vibe but you'd never call them old-fashioned – women of all tastes and generations can find something to love about this underwear.

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Why Full Briefs are So Popular and Comfortable

As part of Harris Scarfe's entire bras, underwear and lingerie range, full briefs offer the following benefits:

  • High coverage for comfort and security
    Underwear with greater coverage provides both comfort and security for women who may feel vulnerable in skimpier forms of underwear. And that's not just a perceived sense of comfort and security - the extra material helps smooth over any lumps and bumps to create a better shape under your clothing.
  • Comfortable waistband that stays up
    Today's high-waisted underwear is cleverly designed so the waistband stays up all through the day and night, rather than folding over and digging into your skin every time you sit down and stand up.
  • Soft and breathable materials
    The extra material and girth of full briefs and high-waisted underwear doesn't mean you'll be sweating more. These undies are created from a variety of soft and breathable materials - both natural and synthetic - that mean you will feel fresh, dry and comfortable regardless of the day's activities.
  • Easy everyday wash and wear
    No matter where you want to wear them, your high-waisted and full brief undies will ensure you feel great, and that's for both formal and casual occasions. You'll find them in styles that are pretty and lacy, while others are plainer and more functional. But, be assured, these undies can be washed and worn every day.
  • Available in a range of sizes and plus sizes
    High-waisted and full brief undies may be preferred by women with fuller figures but they really don't discriminate - every woman can enjoy the level of comfort, security and style that a fuller brief offers.

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There's a lot to love about the many different styles of high-waisted and full brief underwear available at Harris Scarfe. From Bonds Cottontails to Jockey Parisienne and Sash & Rose seamfree full briefs, you'll discover both full and high-waisted briefs in a stunning range of colours and different materials such as cotton, bamboo and microfibre.

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