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Whether it is to pare fruits or trim meat, utility knives are a handy addition to your culinary setup. Shop quality kitchen utility knives at Harris Scarfe.

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Discover The Incredible Range Of Kitchen Utility Knives At Harris Scarfe

Utility knives are essential tools in any kitchen, designed for versatility and precision. These mid-sized knives bridge the gap between paring and chef's knives, making them perfect for a variety of tasks. Ideal for paring fruits, slicing vegetables and trimming smaller cuts of meat, utility knives offer the manoeuvrability needed for detailed work while providing the heft for more substantial slicing. Their balanced design ensures comfort and control, enhancing your efficiency in the kitchen. Crafted from high-quality materials, well-kept utility knives will easily maintain their sharpness and durability in your kitchen. At Harris Scarfe, our range of utility knives are an indispensable companion for everyday cooking tasks, ensuring precision and ease in every slice and cut.

Featuring big-name brands such as Furi and Wiltshire, discover the versatile range of our range of utility knives at Harris Scarfe, designed to improve your culinary skills. Our selection includes petty knives, perfect for detailed tasks like peeling and trimming. Experience the craftsmanship of Japanese utility knives, renowned for their razor-sharp edges and exceptional balance, ideal for slicing and dicing with finesse. Each utility knife in our range is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and lasting performance. Whether you're a home cook or a professional chef, Harris Scarfe's utility knives provide the versatility and precision you need for every kitchen task. Shop our entire range of utility knives including petty knives, Japanese utility knives and more at Harris Scarfe online or in-store today!

Kitchen Utility Knives FAQs

What Is A Petty Knife?

A petty knife is a small, versatile kitchen tool characterised by its narrow blade and lightweight design. Typically ranging from 4 to 7 inches in length, it offers precision and control. Crafted from high-quality materials, petty knives feature ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip and sharp edges for excellent performance, making them a favourite among chefs and household kitchens.

What Is A Petty Knife Used For?

A petty knife is used for precise, detailed kitchen tasks that require more control than a chef's knife. It excels in tasks like peeling, trimming and slicing smaller fruits and vegetables, as well as fine-cutting work such as deveining shrimp and segmenting citrus. Its small, nimble blade allows for delicate cuts, making it an essential tool for intricate and delicate preparations in the kitchen.

What Is A Kitchen Utility Knife Used For?

A kitchen utility knife is used for a variety of mid-sized tasks that fall between the capabilities of a paring knife and a chef's knife. It's ideal for slicing fruits, vegetables and smaller cuts of meat. The utility knife is perfect for chopping herbs, cutting sandwiches and performing detailed work like trimming that requires more precision than a larger knife can provide, making it a versatile tool in any kitchen.

Can You Use A Utility Knife For Steak?

Yes, you can use a utility knife for steak, especially if you need a sharp, precise cut. Its size and sharpness make it suitable for slicing through cooked meat, providing clean and even cuts. While not as specialised as a steak knife, a utility knife can handle the task effectively. Ensure the knife is properly sharpened to maintain its efficiency and provide an enjoyable dining experience when cutting steak.

Shop Our Entire Range Of Kitchen Utility Knives At Harris Scarfe

At Harris Scarfe, we offer an incredible range of kitchen utility knives to suit all your cutting needs including petty knives, Japanese utility knives and more. Visit us online or in-store to discover our full kitchen & dining range including knives, kitchen scissors, paring knives, chef knives, bread knives and so much more. Head over to the Hub for more style ideas and inspiration so you can get creative with your wardrobe! Some great articles you'll love include The Importance Of A Sharp Knife: How To Sharpen Your Kitchen Knives and Everything You Need To Know About Kitchen Knives.