Manual Salt & Pepper Grinders

Season your dish with our simple yet elegant manual salt & pepper grinders at Harris Scarfe. Shop manual salt & pepper mills for elevated seasoning at home.

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Manual Grinders: Shop Quality Salt & Pepper Mill Sets

Our range of manual salt & pepper grinders showcases precision and quality, allowing you to enhance the flavours of your dishes. Shop our collection and bring an extra layer of sophistication to your kitchen and dining table with our premium salt and pepper mill sets.

Best Types of Manual Salt & Pepper Grinders

Ceramic Salt and Pepper Grinders

Known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, ceramic grinders are perfect for salt and pepper. They are adjustable, allowing you to achieve the desired coarseness for your seasoning.

Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinders

Elegant and timeless, wooden grinders add a touch of warmth to your dining table. Beechwood and Acacia salt & pepper mills are popular choices, known for their sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.

Carbon Steel Salt and Pepper Grinders

Highly durable and known for their sharpness, carbon steel grinders are ideal for peppercorns. They retain their edge for a long time, ensuring a consistent grind.

Glass Salt and Pepper Grinders

Showcase the beauty of your salt and pepper with transparent glass grinders. These versatile grinders allow you to identify the contents and adjust coarseness levels easily.

What Makes a Good Salt and Pepper Grinder? Essential Features to Look For -

  • Adjustable Grind Settings: A good grinder should offer adjustable settings to cater to various preferences, from fine to coarse.
  • Material Quality: Opt for durable materials such as ceramic, wood, or carbon steel to ensure longevity.
  • Easy Refilling Mechanism: Look for grinders with a simple and efficient refilling process to avoid mess.
  • Smooth Grinding Mechanism: A smooth and consistent grinding motion ensures an even distribution of seasoning.

Salt Mills vs. Pepper Mills: What's the Difference?

While salt and pepper mills may look similar, they have distinct features to accommodate the unique characteristics of each seasoning. Salt mills have corrosion-resistant components, typically made of ceramic, as salt can corrode metal. Pepper mills, on the other hand, use hardened carbon steel grinders to handle the toughness of peppercorns. Interchanging them could compromise the quality of your seasoning due to the nature of salt and pepper.

Recommended Brands: Cole & Mason and Maxwell & Williams

Discover quality salt and pepper grinders from Australia's favourite brands at Harris Scarfe. Cole & Mason, known for its commitment to quality, employs precision engineering in their manufacturing process. Maxwell & Williams combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating grinders that seamlessly integrate into any kitchen.

Manual Grinders vs. Electric Grinders at Harris Scarfe

The choice between manual and electric grinders ultimately depends on personal preference. Manual grinders provide a tactile experience, allowing you to control the grind size with precision. Electric grinders, on the other hand, offer convenience and speed. Both have their merits, and the best choice depends on your cooking style and preferences. Browse our extensive collection of manual salt and pepper grinders, kitchenware, and other dining essentials both online and in-store. Shop now and discover the perfect seasoning companion for your kitchen.