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Organise your cutlery and kitchen utensils with our cutlery trays at Harris Scarfe. Shop cutlery trays & cutlery drawer organisers & keep your cutlery in order.

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Streamline Your Kitchen: Shop Cutlery Trays & Drawer Organisers

A well-organised kitchen not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a stress-free cooking experience. At Harris Scarfe, we just love a tidy kitchen, and our extensive range of cutlery trays caters to various drawer organisation needs, from utensils to knives. Browse the selection from trusted experts in practical home organisation solutions, with brands such as Madesmart and Joseph Joseph.

Tips For Organising Your Kitchen Drawers

  1. Efficient Utensil Storage: Cutlery trays are a game-changer in kitchen organisation, offering efficient storage for utensils. A dedicated space for each spoon, fork, and knife ensures easy access, reducing clutter and saving valuable prep time.
  2. Junk Drawer Transformation: Transform your chaotic junk drawer into an organised haven with a clear or extendable cutlery tray. These trays provide designated sections for miscellaneous items, keeping everything in its place and preventing the dreaded "junk drawer chaos."
  3. Knife Safety and Accessibility: Knife organisers ensure the safety of your kitchen tools. The distinct slots keep knives separated, preventing damage to both the blades and your hands. Additionally, easy visibility ensures you quickly grab the knife you need without rummaging through the drawer.
  4. Maximising Deep Drawers: For deep drawers, consider a compact or deep drawer cutlery organiser. These trays are designed to make the most of your storage space, providing a structured layout for a variety of utensils and tools.

Cutlery Trays - Frequently Asked Questions

How do you organise plates and bowls in drawers?

Organising plates and bowls in drawers can be achieved by using plate organisers or dividers. Place plates vertically, similar to how you would store files in a filing cabinet, allowing easy access and minimising the risk of chipping.

How do I maximise space in my deep kitchen drawers?

Maximise space in deep kitchen drawers by incorporating stackable organisers, dividers, or modular trays. Utilise vertical space for items like cutting boards and baking sheets, and consider custom-sized containers to fit the drawer's depth efficiently.

What is the correct order of cutlery in a drawer?

Arrange cutlery with forks on the left, knives in the middle, and spoons on the right for a standard layout. Alternatively, organise cutlery based on frequency of use or by placing similar items together, ensuring easy access and a tidy drawer.

How do you store stainless steel cutlery?

Store stainless steel cutlery in a well-ventilated drawer or utensil holder to prevent moisture buildup. Avoid stacking wet or damp cutlery to prevent potential rusting, and periodically check for any signs of water accumulation to keep your stainless steel cutlery in optimal condition.

Refresh Your Kitchen With Cutlery Organisers Harris Scarfe

Beyond cutlery trays, Harris Scarfe provides a comprehensive range of kitchen organisation and storage solutions. Explore dish racks for efficient drying, sink storage to declutter your washing area, cupboard organisers for streamlined cabinets, and utensil holders for accessible tool storage. For personalised guidance, read our kitchen storage solutions buying guide to find the perfect items for your kitchen. Draw inspiration from our top 50 kitchen organisation ideas to revitalise your culinary space and create a kitchen that is not only efficient but also a joy to work in. Shop online or in-store today for expert guidance on how to revolutionise your kitchen space!