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Pantry Storage Containers & Canisters For Every Kitchen

One of the staples to any pantry is, without a doubt, coffee, tea and sugar. Perfect for breakfast or an afternoon pick me up, these caffeinated beverages have long been a favourite for everyone. However, to ensure that your coffee, tea bags and sugar can last for as long as possible, it needs to be properly stored.

Pantry canisters have been a must-have storage accessory for all pantries, and for a good reason. Their compact size and secure lids keep coffee granules and tea bags at room temperature, as well as prevent ants and other unwanted bugs from getting inside. If you are short of space in your pantry or want to add a practical and decorative piece to your kitchen, pantry storage containers from Harris Scarfe is a must.

Whether it is for coffee or sugar, bread or tea, keeping it stored properly in your pantry or around the kitchen will ensure its longevity. Affordable and practical, kitchen canisters are the ideal storage unit for all kitchens and pantries.

What Can I Find in the Pantry Storage Containers Range?

Here at Harris Scarfe, our range of kitchen canisters come in different colours, styles and materials to suit your kitchen decor. If you are looking for a glass kitchen canister, our range of both Heirloom Goods and Casa Domani pantry canisters are perfect. Varying in sizes from a 1L jar to 4.35L, these great kitchen storage containers have enough space to store both coffee granules and coffee beans.

If stainless steel is more your style, you can't go past our Typhoon living collection. With both ground coffee, tea and sugar canisters, as well as bread tins available, adding a modern touch with a traditional look to your pantry is easy. For those that fancy a retro look, our Smith & Nobel collection comes in three beautiful colours and features a unique retro style.

For those that love to store their bread in a tin, our Classica range of bread tins will help keep your loaf crusty all day long. Ensure your coffee, tea, sugar and bread are kept fresh with our fantastic range of pantry storage containers canisters at Harris Scarfe.

What Other Kitchenware Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

Coolers and thermoses: whether it's at the office or out on a picnic, our range of cooler bags and insulated thermoses will keep your drinks nice and cold and your coffee warm and hot.

Salt and pepper grinders: our huge range of salt and pepper grinders, shakers and mills feature big-name brands such as Classica, Maxwell & Williams, Smith & Nobel and more.

Tea and coffee makers: can't fully wake up without a great tasting coffee or tea in the morning? Rise and shine each morning with our huge range of tea and coffee makers, plungers, kettles and percolators.

Knife blocks: don't put up with a dull knife any longer. Explore our magnificent range of knife blocks for all your chopping, cutting, slicing, mincing and dicing needs.

Food preparation: when prepping in the kitchen, our huge food preparation range has everything you need such as colanders, juicers, ravioli cutters, pasta machines and much more.

Food storage: our food storage range will keep all your food nice and fresh, featuring products including glass and plastic containers, and a huge range of shapes and sizes.

Find the Right Pantry Storage Containers & Kitchen Canisters at Harris Scarfe

When it comes to keeping your ground coffee, bread and tea sealed tight so it stays nice and fresh, our range of pantry storage containers and kitchen canisters has everything you need. Check out our kitchen accessories guide to learn about all the must-have kitchen items you need.

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