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Discover Stylish & Practical Canisters For Every Kitchen

Canisters are a must-have storage accessory for all pantries and kitchens. Their compact size and secure lids keep coffee granules and tea bags at room temperature, as well as prevent ants and other unwanted bugs from getting inside. If you are short of space in your pantry or want to add a practical and decorative piece to your kitchen, a selection of stylish canisters from Harris Scarfe is a must! Whether you're storing coffee, sugar, bread or tea, finding the right storage container for your kitchen counter will ensure the longevity of these kitchen staples. Whether you're looking for a kitchen canister set or individual food canisters to upgrade your kitchen storage, we have all your needs covered at Harris Scarfe!

What Types Of Food Storage Canisters Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

  • Ceramic Canisters: Featuring airtight lids and a range of shapes & designs, a classic ceramic canister can add a touch of timeless charm to your kitchen countertops.
  • Plastic Canisters: Organise your cupboards, pantries and benchtops with clear plastic canisters. Keep your essential groceries fresh and easily visible at a glance.
  • Tea, Coffee & Sugar Canisters: These classic sets are a must-have addition for any keen coffee or tea drinker. Keep loose-leaf tea, tea bags, sugar and coffee fresh while keeping them immediately to hand alongside your kettle.
  • Metal Canisters: Typically made from tin, metal canisters are durable in design while adding a gorgeous vintage accent to your kitchen decor.

Canisters FAQs

What can I store in canisters?

Canisters are ideal for keeping a range of dry goods and pantry essentials fresh. Airtight plastic canisters are perfect for things like flour, cereal, rice and pasta, and Harris Scarfe's timeless tea and coffee canisters are the perfect home for your favourite beverages. Clear glass and plastic canisters are also the ideal home for storing craft items or bathroom essentials like cotton pads, earbuds or bobby pins!

How to clean and care for canisters

Food storage containers typically need little maintenance, just an occasional wipe down or dusting if they're sitting on your kitchen counter. Minimise any oily or dusty build-up by keeping canisters well away from your stove. To clean out your canisters completely, check the care label as they may not be dishwasher safe. The best way is to dunk them in a sinkful of warm soapy water and then rinse clean. Ensure your canisters are thoroughly dry before storing any new food items in them.

What's the best style of canister for my kitchen?

The best kitchen canister style is one that will complement your existing decor style. If you have a vintage or country cottage-style kitchen, choose classic tin or ceramic canisters to accent the theme. Contemporary kitchen styles can be elevated with black canisters or slimline minimalistic canister styles in glass.

What Other Food Storage Ideas Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

At Harris Scarfe, you can explore a huge range of food storage solutions to organise your kitchen and pantry. If you're packing school lunches, work lunches or picnic snacks we have a great selection of insulated food flasks as well as lunch bags & coolers. You can also find dedicated pantry storage containers from leading brands like OXO and food storage containers by Decor and Lock & Lock for all your leftovers.

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