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Shop great value tea towel packs online at Harris Scarfe. Complete your kitchen with a lovely tea towel set that fits seamlessly with your kitchen decor.

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Tea Towel Packs: Shop Premium Cotton Tea Towels, Microfibre Tea Towels + More

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, tea towels play a crucial role in the kitchen. From drying hands and dishes to serving as makeshift pot holders, their versatility is unmatched. Explore our extensive range of tea towel packs, combining style and functionality to improve your kitchen experience.

What's the best material for a tea towel?

When it comes to tea towels, the material matters. At Harris Scarfe, we prioritise quality and durability:

Cotton Tea Towels

Renowned for their absorbency and softness, cotton tea towels are a kitchen staple. Our curated collection features high-quality cotton options that not only efficiently absorb moisture but also withstand the rigours of daily use. Whether you're drying dishes or hands, cotton tea towels offer unparalleled versatility.

Microfibre Tea Towels

For those seeking a modern alternative, microfibre tea towels provide a sleek and efficient option. These towels boast superb absorbency, quick-drying capabilities, and a lint-free finish. Ideal for a contemporary kitchen, microfibre tea towels effortlessly marry practicality with style.

Shop Stylish Matching Tea Towel Sets

Investing in a matching tea towel pack goes beyond aesthetics - it's a practical choice that enhances your kitchen experience. Here's what they're great for:

  1. Unified Look: A matching set of tea towels brings a sense of cohesion to your kitchen, creating a visually appealing and organised space.
  2. Convenience: Having a set ensures you always have a clean towel on hand, promoting hygiene and efficiency in the kitchen.
  3. Gifting: Coordinated tea towel packs make thoughtful and practical gifts, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

FAQ's about Tea Towels

How often should you throw out tea towels?

Tea towels should be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on usage. Signs of wear, stains, or an unpleasant smell indicate it's time for a refresh.

How do you revive old tea towels?

Revive tired tea towels by soaking them in a solution of hot water and white vinegar or baking soda. This helps remove odours and revitalise the fabric. Alternatively, consider repurposing old tea towels for cleaning tasks.

Do you iron tea towels?

While not necessary, ironing tea towels can enhance their appearance. A quick ironing session smoothens out wrinkles and adds a touch of sophistication, especially if you're using them for more formal occasions.

Should I wash new tea towels?

Yes, it's advisable to wash new tea towels before using them. This helps remove any manufacturing residues or lingering odours, ensuring a fresh and clean start in your kitchen.

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Whether you prefer the classic charm of cotton or the quick-drying properties of microfibre, our curated collection has something for every kitchen aesthetic. Shop online or visit our stores to discover the perfect kitchen linen range that aligns with your taste and practical needs. In addition to tea towels, you can upgrade your kitchen further with our stylish aprons, protective pot holders, and heat-resistant oven mitts & gloves.