6 Person Setting

Enjoy delicious meals with our 6-person cutlery sets, available in both 24 and 42-piece settings. Shop cutlery sets for six people at Harris Scarfe. 

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How to Clean Stainless Steel Cutlery

Unless cleaned properly over time, stainless steel cutlery can become tarnished and lose its shine. If you don't have the convenience of a dishwasher, cleaning stainless steel cutlery is still easy with these following tips:

To remove stains and any buildup, grab a small container and add in a small amount of baking soda and dishwashing liquid. Mix together until the mixture has formed a paste.

  • Using a clean toothbrush, begin gently brushing the stainless-steel cutlery one by one in the mixture to break up any grime and gunk.
  • If you still notice that some stains are hanging around after your clean, give the cutlery another clean in a container with undiluted white vinegar.
  • Now that your stainless-steel cutlery is nice and clean, rinse it under some water and then dry it off with a clean tea towel.

How to Set Cutlery on a Table

When wanting to set a table properly when hosting a dinner party or entertaining friends, it can be hard to remember all the rules for correct cutlery placement. So to help out, here is how to set cutlery on a table with these helpful tips:

  • Always remember: cutlery sets are placed on the table from the outside in, in the order of their use.
  • A napkin is always placed next to each dinner plate to the left with cutlery placed in the following order: a fork, a knife with the blade facing towards the fork, and a spoon.
  • A drinking glass is always placed at a 45-degree angle from the centre of the dinner plate.
  • To avoid getting any fingerprints on the cutlery when placing down on the dining table, always hold cutlery by the waist, which is the space between the eating end and the handle of the utensil.

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