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Saute and stir fry your food with ease with our range of saute pans at Harris Scarfe. Shop quality saute pans that come in a variety of sizes and materials.

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A Huge Range of Saute Pans

Whether you are looking for saute pans with lids or a certain size or material, you’ll find it in our great saute pan range. Offering excellent durability and cooking performance, our range of stainless steel saute pans are quick and easy to clean and look amazing. 

To provide an easier cooking experience, our range of non-stick saute pans will make sure that you aren’t spending most of your time in the kitchen scrubbing the pan. When you need to lock in the heat to contain moisture, a 32cm saute pan with a lid from our range will do the job perfectly. Apart from our range of Tefal saute pans, Scanpan saute pans and more, you can also explore our entire range of cookware to make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with everything you need. Browse our Ninja Cookware range for more inspiration!


What is a Saute Pan Used For?

A saute pan is a type of cookware that features straight sidewalls and has a shallow pan. This straight side design is perfect for cooking food in liquids because they won’t spill over the edges easily. Apart from braising, you can use a versatile saute pan to also sear, stir-fry and saute ingredients. As sauté means “to jump” in French, saute pans are ideal for tossing back and forth ingredients into the air without worrying too much about the ingredients splattering over the higher edges. 


Saute Pan Vs Fry Pan

Much like a saute pan, a fry pan is great for quickly tossing and flipping ingredients over high heats such as steak, beef patties, mushrooms and onions. Saute pans also feature a heavier base as opposed to frying pans, making them ideal for cooking on lower heat, such as sauteing vegetables, due to having more distance between the heat source and the pan’s surface. 


What Other Cookware Can I Find at Harris Scarfe?

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Find the Right Saute Pans at Harris Scarfe

Having a high-quality saute pan is essential if you take your cooking seriously. From saute pans with lids and non-stick linings to stainless steel saute pans and large pans, you will find everything you need by exploring our great range of saute pans at Harris Scarfe. For more oven and kitchenware ideas, browse our exclusive Smith & Nobel By Miguel Maestre range! 

Shop our entire range of stainless steel and non-stick saute pans online or visit us in-store today.