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Find the best saute pan or chef pan for your cooking needs at Harris Scarfe. Shop quality saute pans from leading brands including Tefal, Scanpan & more.

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Cook Delicious Meals With Quality Saute Pans & Chef Pans At Harris Scarfe

Braise, saute or shallow fry to perfection with some of the best saute pans and chef pans in Australia. Whether you're looking for a stainless steel saute pan, cast iron saute pan, non-stick saute pan or a saute pan with a lid, Harris Scarfe has you covered with an extensive selection of saute pans to cater to every cooking style. You'll find stainless steel saute pans that offer excellent durability and cooking performance, as well as being stylish and easy to clean. To provide an easier cooking experience, our range of non-stick saute pans will make sure that you aren't spending most of your time in the kitchen scrubbing the pan. When you need to lock in the heat to contain moisture, a 32 cm saute pan with a lid from our range will do the job perfectly. Discover the versatility and functionality of the best chef pans and saute pans online and in-store today with Harris Scarfe.

Explore Saute Pans From Leading Cookware Brands

At Harris Scarfe we're proud to stock high quality cookware from some of the best cookware manufacturers. If you're looking for a Tefal saute pan you can be assured of dedication to safe, durable and easy to use cookware from a leading global brand that's been established since 1956. Enjoy convenient features like Tefal's signature Thermo-Spot cooking indicator and non-stick coatings on your chef pan or saute pan that are PFOA, lead and cadmium free.

You can also invest in a Scanpan saute pan, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a trusted brand that's led the manufacture of ergonomically designed stainless steel cookware for over 60 years. Other brands include Raco, Swiss Diamond, and Harris Scarfe's exclusive label, Smith + Nobel.

Saute Pans FAQs

What is a saute pan?

A saute pan is a type of cookware that features straight sidewalls and has a shallow pan. This straight side design is perfect for cooking food in liquids because they won't spill over the edges easily. Apart from braising, you can use a versatile saute pan to also sear, stir-fry and saute ingredients. As sauté means "to jump" in French, saute pans are ideal for tossing back and forth ingredients into the air without worrying too much about the ingredients splattering over the higher edges.

Saute pan vs fry pan: what's the difference?

Much like a saute pan, a fry pan is great for quickly tossing and flipping ingredients over high heat such as steak, beef patties, mushrooms and onions. Saute pans also feature a heavier base as opposed to frying pans, making them ideal for cooking on lower heat, such as sauteing vegetables, due to having more distance between the heat source and the pan's surface.

What is a chef pan?

A chef pan is also known as a saucier, and can have flared, rounded or straight sides. Deeper than a frying pan, a chef's pan can be used to sear and saute your favourite ingredients and then place the pan in the oven to finish the cooking process. A chef pan often differs from a saute in the style and placement of the handles. While a saute pan has a single, long handle, a chef pan typically has two shorter handles. This enables the easy transfer from stove to oven for one pot cooking, as well as making it suitable as a serving pan.

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Having a high-quality saute pan is essential if you take your cooking seriously. From saute pans with lids and non-stick linings to stainless steel saute pans, you can find the perfect pan for sauteing, braising, and frying with the best saute pans and chef pans from Harris Scarfe. Shop the complete range of saute pans and cooking pans online, and enjoy the convenient options of home delivery or click & collect for your order. Explore the huge selection of cookware at Harris Scarfe, where you can find cookware sets, cooking pots and more to complete your kitchen set up. Learn more about choosing the best saute pans and cookware with our ultimate cookware buying guide, or head into your nearest Harris Scarfe store to discover the range in person. Check out our Food Hub for inspiring recipes and cooking know-how, so you can make the most of your new saute pan from Harris Scarfe today!