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Take your cooking to the next level with great value grill pans from Harris Scarfe! Cook your steak, burgers, sausages & more with a quality grill pan.

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High-Quality Grill Pans For Your Cooking Endeavours

Enjoy the taste of outdoor cooking inside the comfort of your home, with the same grill lines and flavours that a barbeque offers. If you don't fancy stepping outdoors to cook - the grill pan offers the perfect alternative. Get the same char lines on your steaks, sausages, fish or chicken courtesy of a grill pan for your stove. With ridged cooking surfaces in material options like hard anodised aluminium and titanium reinforced non-stick coatings, as well as cast iron grill pans - there is an abundance of quality options available at Harris Scarfe. Grill pans are versatile - offering cooking ease and hassle-free maintenance.

What Types Of Grill Pans Are Available At Harris Scarfe?

Need help with the best grill pans for your kitchen? It helps to get a sense of the material options available. The hard anodised aluminium coating offers improved heat resistance, while the non-stick titanium interior ensures ease of use and durability. Speciality cast aluminium square grills could offer a fitting solution if you're looking for induction grill pans. Or you could shop Pyrostone grill pans with stone-like properties, offering better longevity, high wear-tear resistance and a lifetime guarantee. Stainless steel grill pans offer a polished look, while cast iron grill pans offer the versatility of use on gas, oven, and induction cooktops.

Shop from Tefal grill pans and other brands like Circulon, Smith & Nobel, Swiss Diamond, Stanley Rogers, Anolon, Scanpan, Pyrolux, Classica, Zyliss, Davis and Waddel and Raco Reliance.

Grill Pans FAQ

Grill pan vs fry pan: what is the difference?

These two pans are must-haves in the kitchen. The difference is that a fry pan has a flat cooking surface whereas a grill pan has raised ridges designed to char and create grills marks on food.

What is the purpose of a grill pan?

A grill pan can help you achieve outdoor BBQ results on your stove and also helps remove excess fats and oils thanks to the ridges. You can make flavoursome meats, vegetables and other dishes where you want a charred flavour and colour.

What is the best grill pan material for me?

Grill pans come in a variety of materials such as non-stick, cast iron, hard anodised and stone. Each has their benefits whether you want light easy grilling from a non-stick grill pan or durable performance from a cast iron or hard anodized grill pan.

What Other Cookware And Kitchenware Can I Buy At Harris Scarfe?

Shop from other cookware options like roasters, saucepans and ovenware to help you optimise time in the kitchen and produce flavourful dishes that you and your family love. We've got a detailed guide on cooking a lamb roast like a professional - so don't forget to check it out.

Find The Best Grill Pans For a Great Price At Harris Scarfe

Whether it's a grill fry pan for a stove or an induction grill pan - our massive product range will cover all your needs. To help you make healthier utensil choices, we've covered everything you need to know in our healthy cookware guide. Browse through our exhaustive Food Hub to discover cookware and recipes to try in your kitchen. Shop our entire range of stainless steel, titanium-coated, hard-anodised aluminium, and cast iron grill pans online or visit us in-store today.