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Bas Phillips is a great brand that produces high-end bedding & bathroom supplies. They use the latest technology to ensure their products provide premium comfort, with a variety of options based on your needs. Whether you need a cooling pillow or mattress protector for the summer, or a high-GSM, high-warmth wool quilt for winter, Bas Phillips is committed to improving the beds and bathrooms of Australian families, all year round.

Bas Phillips Sleep Range FAQ

It can be tricky to know how to choose the best pillow or type of bed sheet when the time comes to upgrade. Sleepers who run hot will have different needs to those who tend to feel cold during the night. Bas Phillips offers a diverse range of sleep products utilising different technologies to suit your needs. Below, we explain the benefit behind some of the most popular materials used:

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a type of high-density, durable foam. Developed by NASA researchers, it is designed to provide superior support and pressure relief, making it a perfect choice for bedding. A supportive memory foam pillow or mattress topper should help to alleviate body aches and pains thanks to its incredible shock absorption abilities.

Shop: Bas Phillips Dual Support Memory Foam Pillow

What does charcoal-infused mean?

Charcoal-infused bedding is generally made of fabrics infused with activated charcoal, which offers odour-elimination & prevention as well as moisture-wicking properties.

Shop: Bas Phillips Meridian Charcoal Infused Memory Foam Pillow

What is gel-infused?

Gel-infused pillows are constructed with a layer of gel memory foam. The addition of gel provides a cooling effect, lowering the temperature around your head & neck whilst offering premium support. Studies have shown cool environments improve quality of sleep, making gel memory foam a great choice for the warmer months.

Shop: Bas Phillips Gel Infused Memory Foam Standard Pillow

Dry Off With Premium Bath Towels & Mats From Bas Phillips

In addition to the impressive range of bedding on offer, Bas Phillips also produces quality towels and bath mats at a great price point. Using 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabrics, Bas Phillips bathroom manchester is built to last.

How to wash and care for cotton towels?

Bath towels are a daily-use item, so proper care goes a long way. Using the correct technique when washing is one of the best ways to prolong the life of a towel. Following certain rules such as always washing your towels separately, going easy on detergent or fabric softener and tumble drying on a low-heat setting, is a great way to ensure your towels are always fluffy & cosy.

If you want to learn how to best care for your cotton towels so that they last years, check out our comprehensive towel care guide.

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Experience the pinnacle of comfort & luxury with Bas Phillips. Here at Harris Scarfe, you can shop online or in-store to find the perfect accompaniment to your new high-tech quilt or pillow. Shop our sheets and pillowcases on offer from other leading brands, such as Linen House, Laura Ashley & Sheridan. We have bedding & bed linen in a vast range of fabrics to suit different needs, so check out the Home section on our hub for tips on how to choose the right fabric for your best night's sleep.