Women's Socks

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Women's Socks

Socks are an essential part of any woman's drawers. The humble sock is the unheralded hero of footwear and comes in a variety of colours, patterns, and fabric that ensures your feet stay warm, particularly during winter. Both an essential and necessary item of clothing, a quality sock will provide you with the comfort and warmth your feet need throughout the day.

Socks are one of the most regularly purchased items, once the fabric wears out or when one goes missing from a pair, you need more. Old socks not only look bad, but also lack protection around your foot, which, if left alone can cause blistering on your foot. If the hole is around the toe of the sock, it can irritate the skin between your toes, making the area very itchy and uncomfortable.

Don't put up with socks that no longer provide you with comfort or support! Invest in a new pair with Harris Scarfe's great range of women's socks that are perfect to wear all throughout the year.

Paired Perfectly in Our Range

The right pair of socks will provide your feet with the comfort and support they need when wearing shoes. At Harris Scarfe, our collection of women's socks come in a variety of different cuts and styles from leading brands, including Bonds, Sash and Rose, and Heatmax. All of which make quality socks that your feet will love.

Different styles are designed for different footwear and wearability. Our range of thick, sherpa and thermal Heatmax socks are insulated which creates superior warmth on your feet. With a high loop, cosy lining that keeps the air inside the fabric, these socks are the ultimate winter wear.

For the active woman, low cut socks from Bonds allow your feet to move freely while exercising. When we sweat, our clothes absorb so much moisture, making them stick to your body. Not only do these socks help keep your feet dry, but the material also helps air circulate through the fibres.

If you are looking for a comfortable, everyday sock that you can wear both out and around the house, Bonds and Sash and Rose all day socks are ideal. Available in both patterned and plain, these socks are perfect for those lazy Sunday's on the couch.