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For over 100 years, Sunbeam has been simplifying the lives of everyday Australians. 

At Sunbeam, products are made for real people, and real, Australian needs. Through cutting-edge innovation and intelligent design, Sunbeam aims to make it easier and simpler for you to do those things you do every day: clean, cook, organise, or even entertain. Today, Sunbeam's commitment to simple, sophisticated and elegant design has remained unchanged.

Sunbeam products don't just look smart. They are smart.

The SecretChef, featured inb the video on the right, is designed as a Frypan and Slow Cooker in one, that sears and slow cooks in the one unit, no need to have separate pans, or to use the stovetop. Use as a Frypan or as a Slow Cooker, or if you're slow cooking, you can use both modes. It's so versatile you can create roast dinners, mouth-watering soups and desserts to hearty slow cooked casseroles and curries. Even sear a juicy steak or make bacon and eggs. Ideal for 6-8 people, and those who love leftovers.