Sporting Footwear

From women's running shoes and sport sandals to men's training shoes and slides, it's easy to find the perfect pair of sporting footwear at Harris Scarfe. Featuring phylon midsoles for incredible comfort, mesh for breathability, a wide range of styles, colours and more, shop our fantastic sports footwear range to find your new pair!

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How to choose the right shoes for sports

There is no single type of sporting footwear that is perfect for everyone - which is why choosing the right pair of shoes for your specific needs is essential. Whether you're after comfort, better traction, heel support or more, here are a few tips to ensure you choose the best pair for you:

  • Determine what your foot type is: knowing your foot type is vital to choosing the right type of sports footwear for a number of reasons. A simple way of finding this out is called a 'wet test', which involves standing on a paper bag with wet feet for 10 seconds.
    An imprint with not much of a curve on the inside of your foot means you have a low arch, whereas a distinct curve with a band connecting your heels and toes means you have a normal arch. If you have a noticeable curve with a thin band connecting your heels and toes, or no band at all, then you have a high arch.
  • Choose a type specific to your needs: wearing the wrong type of sports footwear can cause damage to your feet depending on what physical activity you're doing. For example, running in sneakers and not running shoes can result in injuries, such as a sprained ankle due to a lack of shock absorption each time your foot hits the ground.
  • Make sure it's the right fit: even though it might sound obvious, how your shoes fit is the most critical factor in choosing the right pair for you. To make sure your feet are comfortably snug, you shouldn't feel any pinching or sliding, and your foot should be centred. To ensure your toes don't get crushed when running, make sure there's a thumb-size gap between your toes and the front of the shoe.

What sports footwear are available at Harris Scarfe?

Whether it's beating your best personal time on the track or having the right support for the sport you play, our huge range of men's and women's sporting footwear has your needs covered:

Running shoes

Offering an increased amount of traction and support for your feet, our great range of women's and men's running shoes are comfortable, stylish and available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Our Sfida Grid Men's Runner is incredibly breathable, provides exceptional comfort, and is ideal for both light and moderate running. Featuring a performance footbed innersole and durable rubber tread, our Fila Bergamo Women's Runner will have you feeling comfortable and stylish during your next run!

Cross training shoes

Also known as trainers, cross training shoes are the perfect all-rounder sports shoe, ideal for a wide variety of activities such as running, playing sports and walking. Our Diadora Men's Leather Speed Trainer features a rubber outsole with a herringbone tread pattern that will give you a good grip on all surfaces, even when it's raining. If you're after support, then our Diadora Women's Leather Comfort Walker is designed with a shock-absorbing midsole, perfect for cushioning your feet with each step.

Sporting leisure shoes

Our stylish range of men's and women's sporting leisure footwear is great for when you want to set off for a bike ride or walk and then go straight into town to meet with friends. A pair of Sfida Men's Leisure Shoes have a modern look that you can wear anywhere while also providing comfort with a padded heel. For a breathable pair of everyday footwear, you can't go past a pair of incredibly comfy Sfida Pacify Women's Slip On Shoes!

Sports sandals and slides

Ideal for giving your feet as much air as possible during the hotter months, our men's and women's sports sandals and slides will keep your feet comfy and protected, whether you're down at the beach or walking at the local park. A pair of Slazenger Men's Fashion Slides are great for looking stylish and feeling comfortable on a lazy summer day. Our Diadora Women's Spa Slides are excellent for wearing at the spa or pool, with soft nubs on the sole for giving your feet a well-deserved massage with each step.

Find the Right Running Shoes and Sports Footwear at Harris Scarfe

From incredible comfort and support to a variety of modern styles, our wide range of men's and women's sporting footwear has all your needs covered. To ensure you have matching sportswear or activewear, browse our wide range of stylish sports clothing.

Shop our entire range of running shoes and sports footwear online or visit us in-store today.