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Digital Scale

Cooking isn't complicated, but things can go wrong. Particularly when it comes to getting the correct amount of weight to put into a recipe. If you are following instructions from a cookbook, you want to be sure that you are getting the right amount of ingredients in, to ensure the dish turns out as it is supposed to.

A digital scale for your kitchen will ensure your recipe is getting the required amount of ingredients with accuracy. Available in digital, glass and mechanical our kitchen scales will ensure you get the correct weight every time, up to one decimal place.

Starting at a 5-kilo capacity, our Propert glass scales are ideal for measuring both solids and liquids, with a tempered glass platform and digital display. Measuring in grams or pounds/ounces and ml or oz, get precise measurements with this lightweight, digital scale.

If you need something bigger, Smith and Nobel have a range of 10-kilo scales that features glass touch operation and tare function, which conveniently allows you to weigh each additional item being added on the scale. With a digital display and glass plate, measure and weigh liquids and solids with accuracy.