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The humble saucepan has long been a staple of kitchens and stovetops in homes around Australia and the world. Most commonly used to boil water and reduce the sauce, our cookware allows you to get creative in the kitchen. Ergonomically designed and offering great flexibility in what you can cook, you can always rely on your saucepan when cooking.

Available in various colours, sizes, material and designs a quality saucepan will allow you to create restaurant quality meals. From hearty stews, sauces, pasta, braised meat, and even poached eggs, these are just some of the foods you can create with your new cookware. Manufactured for the modern kitchen, our cookware is made to tolerate high cooking heat. Regardless of how often you use your cookware, you can be sure it is going to allow you to produce beautiful, tasting food, first time every time.

Cookware That Will Inspire

It is amazing how the smallest change can have the biggest impact, and cookware is no exception. A new saucepan may not seem like much, but the moment you start cooking with it, you'll want to start trying new and exciting recipes.

Our collection of saucepans are available in both modern and traditional designs and have been crafted beautifully to meet the demands of the modern kitchen. Some of the new designs include, wooden and rose gold handles, copper finish and non-stick coatings from leading brands,

- Smith and Nobel
- Bergner
- Bialetti
- Raco

As new and exciting as our range of cookware is, it is vital that you follow the instructions on how to properly care for your saucepan.

Here at Harris Scarfe, we have the biggest names in stovetop cookware available in stock to suit your culinary needs. Be inspired and add a touch of colour and creativity to your meal preparation with a new saucepan.