This is creativity. This is Poh. This is now.

This is creativity. This is Poh. This is now.


Poh Ling Yeow firmly believes everyone is creative in their own way. And in an exclusive HS interview, she's here to share her creative process. So you can unlock yours.

Creativity is like an escape artist. No matter how hard you try to keep it tied up, it will always find a way out and nobody knows that better than Poh Ling Yeow. Since springing out of our screens with her mega-watt smile, boundless optimism and a seemingly endless pantry of inventiveness on the very first season of MasterChef, Poh has since established herself as a beloved Australian cook, artist, author and presenter.





We've been inspired by her recipes, drooled over her dishes and seen every minute of her captivating food shows. And having seen inside her gorgeous kitchen, we'd be lying if we said we didn't have more than a morsel of prep envy. Poh, it seems, was born to cook and share her love of food with a wider audience. But in actual fact, her stellar career in food has been almost accidental.




Poh originally channelled her creativity into art and design. She's been practising for over two decades and is still busy to this day. And even if Poh wasn't an established artist or a cook, we know her creative flair would simply find another outlet. As the ever-optimistic Poh explains,


"I've always followed what I've enjoyed doing… in all areas of creativity."




In an exclusive interview with Harris Scarfe, Poh took time out of her hectic schedule to show us a side of her life few get to see - busy creating artwork in her home studio.

Inside this magical space, we discover how her childhood and Malay-Chinese heritage inspires her. We learn about her journey to finding and channelling her creative side. We hear about the creative processes she uses to bring her ideas to life. And we're lucky enough to see the inspiration behind her latest collaboration with homewares and lifestyle brand, Mozi.




For Poh, creativity is both a mindset and a philosophy. "To me, creativity is expressing myself. Whether I'm cooking, painting or gardening, I'm always thinking creatively."

And Poh's a firm believer that once you've found your passion, inspiration is never too far behind.


"Inspiration is everywhere you look. You just need to keep your heart and mind open."




Creativity will always find a way out. But for Poh, the very best ideas can become even stronger when shared with others equally passionate about creativity. And nowhere is that more evident than in her ongoing collaborations with Mozi.




Surrounded by her Sunny Day artwork, vivid patterns and swatches of striking colours that work as well on prints as they do on ceramics, Poh is a firm believer that the satisfaction she finds in being creative is a gift - and with the right mindset, it's a superpower we've all been given.

"Try to be a little creative every day, no matter how big or small. Take time to nurture your imagination and you will be amazed at how much it changes your life. And maybe of those around you."

It's obvious to us that in unlocking her own creativity, Poh has found more than professional satisfaction. She's discovered her own personal freedom. As for us, we're simply captivated. This is Poh. This is now.


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