Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas Decorating

Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas Decorating

Every year it seems as though Christmas comes around faster than ever, and there's always a mad rush to get everything prepared. Along with buying presents, organising food and drinks and choosing the perfect outfit, we're all itching to tick Christmas decorating off our to-do list.

Christmas decorations make your entire home feel festive and magical, and encourage friends and family to embrace the joy of the season. Our step-by-step guide will help you decorate your home for Christmas, regardless of your time limit or budget.

Step 1: Choose your tree

Central to any Christmas decorating project is your choice of tree. A tree with built-in fibre optic lights is a great alternative to string lights, especially if you have young children or pets who can sometimes find the lights difficult to resist!

Snowy frosting scattered on the tips of branches can give your tree a real winter wonderland vibe. And for those who prefer a standard green tree, there are still a range of options available to suit your home. Choose a taller tree around 2.4m high for a large lounge room, or a smaller 1.5m shrub if space is limited.

Step 2: Select a theme

Make this Christmas a lavish affair with our Golden Glam range. Mix nature-inspired snowflakes, pinecones and poinsettias with glittering metallic baubles to bring the outside in.

If you have a passion for fashion, let your Christmas decorating reflect it. Ornaments in the shape of champagne and high heels will give your tree a makeover to wow even Anna Wintour, and give you the perfect excuse to pop open a bottle or two.

If you're more of a traditionalist and planning to stick with a classic red and green theme, our Cranberry Delight ornaments will do the trick. Hang red and silver baubles alongside rocking horses and sleighs to transport your family to Santa's workshop.

Or, embrace our steamy southern hemisphere Christmas season by ditching the faux snow and reindeer in favour of cute koalas on your tree. You could even continue this theme in your gift wrapping by using eucalyptus leaves as name tags.

Decorating Your Home For Christmas
Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Step 3: Include the kids

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most magical and memorable activities for a child. Getting them involved in the preparation helps take their focus away from the gifts and onto the real spirit of Christmas - getting together with the people we love. Mix handmade decorations from school or kindergarten with store-bought pieces, so the tree represents your beautiful, unique family.

Got a budding ballerina in your house? She'll love adorning the tree with pink dresses and butterflies. A fan of sweet treats ? Try delicious-looking donut decorations. Prefer a fairytale theme? Go for toadstools and beautiful birds.

Step 4: Remember these festive tips and tricks


Start with the lights

If you're planning on hanging string lights on your tree, pop these on before any decorations. Think about where you'll be plugging them in, and if possible, place your tree in a corner near an easily-accessible power point. Wind the lights around the tree from the bottom up, to keep them tangle-free. Leaving the lights on while you add the other ornaments will help you visualise what the finished tree will look like.

Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Buy some bauble hooks

Easier to use than string, these nifty hooks are ideal for hanging baubles and other ornaments. They're also green, so they'll blend right in with your tree, making it seem as though your ornaments are floating. Simply slide one end through the hole at the top of each bauble, and loop the other hook over a branch.


Hang your favourite pieces first

If you have favourite baubles or family heirlooms for the tree, be sure to hang them first so they have pride of place. Add your other decorations and tinsel afterwards, taking care not to obscure the important pieces.


Shop our new Christmas range in-store or online now, and have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderous New Year!