How to Create Your Winter Haven With Flannelette

How to Create Your Winter Haven With Flannelette


With winter almost upon us, make the most of staying cosy and warm with this season's most comfortable flannelette sheet sets. In this edition of Linen Club, we're talking exactly what makes them a must-have edition to every bedroom.

With an affordable range of chic and modern styles, it's time to reintroduce this winter classic into your linen cupboard.




What exactly is flannelette you may ask? Well, the process involves using a fine wire to brush the material, creating small pockets in the fabric. As a result, you're left with an incredibly soft sheet perfect for a warm sleep throughout the winter months.

It's this technique that marks the main difference between flannelette and flannel, as it becomes softer, and more durable than its heavy flannel counterpart. This makes for a lighter fabric that doesn't compromise on warmth, allowing you to use these sheets well into the warmer months

What these little pockets of air also mean is that while you're toasty all night, you're not overheating. Flannelette remains an incredibly breathable material, one that, due to the way it's made, doesn't become damp from body contact throughout the night.

Sleeping on your flannelette fitted sheet will keep you fresh, cosy and warm night after night.




There's no need to compromise when investing in flannelette sheets. While being unimaginably soft, they're also unbelievably sturdy. Where many other high quality linen options can have a finite lifespan, flannelette sheets are incredibly easy to care for, and remain soft wash after wash. And when we say "wash after wash", we mean it, any temperature, setting, or machine.

Plus, flannelette is near impossible to wrinkle, no matter how many washes it goes through. All you need to do is wash, dry and fold, for a softer feel over time. It's only time to replace your flannelette sheets when they begin to show slight raises in the material.




We all remember the flannelette sheets of our younger years, but in this modern reincarnation, you get the best of both worlds: nostalgic comfort and stylish design. This season's range of flannelette sheet sets available at Harris Scarfe feature on-trend colourways, patterns and geometric designs all perfect for brightening your room and getting you excited to jump into bed, night after night.


There's no denying that flannelette sheets are the cosiest option for your bedroom. perfect for creating the ultimate winter hideaway. Shop our range of flannelette now.


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