5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months

5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months

The cooler months are coming which means it's time to rug up and stay warm. The key to staying warm when you go to bed each night, is building your bed with different layers that will leave you feeling cosy for longer. Follow these 5 steps to build your bed and you will be ready for a good night's sleep, whatever the weather brings.

1. Mattress Protector

When building your bed, you should start from the base up. A mattress protector is essential to keep your bed feeling fresh and clean. Its purpose is to protect your mattress, and also protect you from allergens and irritants. You can get a waterproof mattress protector which provides an extra barrier for moisture migration to the mattress, making it last longer. If you're all about comfort, there's also quilted mattress protectors to take your snoozing to the next level.

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5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months

2. Mattress Topper

5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months

A comfy mattress topper is the next step to building your bed like a pro. It’s key to feeling cosy when you snuggle in to bed each night. It will make you feel like you are always floating on a cloud. We offer a range of toppers from 600 to 2000GSM, so it’s time to discover your perfect level of comfort.

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3. Sheets & Quilt Covers

The obvious choice when the weather turns cold is flannelette sheets. They are made from a brushed cotton that is soft to touch and feel. Make sure you use a fitted and flat sheet to get the full benefit as they will create a warm cocoon around your body. Sheet sets come with matching pillowcases too, and we have a great range of printed and plain designs to suit everyone. There's no better feeling than a fresh pair of sheets when you get into bed. Every night you can sleep like a king or queen.

Now here's your chance to have a little fun with it! Choose a quilt cover that suits your decor and reflects the cooler weather. This year the floral prints are super popular, look out for blush pinks and corals on a dark base. In winter you might also want to opt for a soft velour or fleece quilt cover set which will make your bed super soft and irresistible. We also have a great range of jacquards for the more classic customer and make a great choice for the cooler months as they are slightly heavier and warmer than plain printed cotton covers. Plain dyed options are a great base for adding options like cushions, throws and accessories.

Our wide range has something for everyone, from loud patterns to simple designs, pick your personality. Who says your mood can't change too? it's a good idea to stock up on some key patterns and colours that will change your bedroom vibe in an instant. New day, new you.

4. Quilts

Make sure you pick the quilt right for you, because it will be your best friend in the cooler months. We offer quilts filled with natural fibres which are breathable such as cotton, wool, feather and down, so you don't overheat. An added bonus of a wool quilt is that it will regulate the temperature of your sleeping environment. If your after warmth without the weight, go with a feather or down doona. We also offer machine washable options in all types of fibre. So pick what's right for you, and snuggle in!

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5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months

5. Pillows

5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months

Everyone has a favourite pillow, but do you know why? It's important to know the fibres that work for you, from polyester, feather and down, memory foam, wool and latex. If you have a bad neck or back, we suggest trying memory foam. A good tip to extend the life of your latex and memory foam pillows is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Put your head to rest on the perfectly posturized pillow and never wake up with a creak again.

The size of your pillow should vary depending on your sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, you should invest in a high pillow, and if on your back, go for a medium sized pillow. If you are someone that sleeps on your tummy, it is best to go for a low pillow.

Once you have figured out the logistics, pick a pillow cover in your favourite fabric including: cotton, bamboo, microfibre, or with a cooling cover. Good night, sleep tight!

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Need more warmth? Try adding these...

Electric Blankets

For those of you who aren't afraid to turn up the heat! An electric blanket will ensure you stay warm at the flick of a switch. There's a wide range to choose from, so it depends on how many levels of heat you want at your fingertips. You can choose one under your fitted sheet, or as a blanket on top of you, depending on preference.

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5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months


It's always a good idea to have extra blankets on hand. Top off the bed with a super soft, chunky blanket for that extra level of comfort. Some nights are cooler than others, and some guests don't give you much warning before coming to visit! When choosing a blanket, it's up to you to decide the warmth of the wool, lightness of cotton or soft touch of polyester. We suggest one of each.

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5 Steps To Build Your Bed For The Cooler Months