How To Style Linen: Your Guide To Your Linen Wardrobe

How To Style Linen: Your Guide To Your Linen Wardrobe

Looking for a breathable material for your wardrobe this summer? We've got you covered! Linen is a hard-working and versatile fabric that's perfect for spring and summer. The on-trend material is made from natural fibres from the flax plant and is celebrated for its softness. Read on to find out new ways on how to style linen pants, a linen dress, a men's linen outfit and more.

How To Style Linen For Women

How to Style Linen for Women

When styling a linen outfit, stick to neutral and pastel tones that speak to a summer feeling. Remember, when it comes to linen, embrace the creases and wrinkles! Linen looks lived in - it's all part of the appeal.

Styling Your Linen Dress

Linen is incredibly comfortable, mainly due to the lightweight nature of the fabric and its breathable, soft texture.

Drape is key to perfecting the look of your linen dress - choose a softer fabric that will fall elegantly across your body. For a more casual look, wear your linen dress with sandals or sneakers, paired with a denim jacket.

Linen Tops

Linen tops are a great way to test if linen is for you. Linen tees are best paired with light-coloured jeans or denim shorts. The half-tuck technique is your best friend with a linen top, giving shape to a very loose-fitting fabric.

How to Style Linen Pants

When thinking how to style linen pants, don't disregard the work environment.

Neutral colours are easy to style for the office, and linen also looks very chic in navy and black. Wear yours with a structured blazer and heels to offset the softness of the material.

Linen Shirts

Linen shirts look effortlessly tailored when the sleeves are rolled up - you can also wear yours open to evoke a beachy, casual feel. Dress it down with white jeans or tuck it into a pencil skirt to make it office appropriate.

How to Wear Linen Shorts

Linen shorts can be easily elevated with a nice top, heels and statement earrings.

Opt to keep it casual with a tank or tee, and pair your linen shorts with a broad rim straw hat, sneakers and a chunky necklace to elevate your summer look.

Linen Shirts
Curating A Men's Linen Outfit

Curating a Men's Linen Outfit

Lean into the unstructured nature of the fabric when styling a men's linen outfit - linen is an appropriate summer fabric for a reason.

Play with colours and tonality to form a look that suits both a casual weekend at the beach, or a more professional aesthetic.

How to Style Linen Shirts

A linen shirt is a perfect all-rounder in any man's wardrobe. Linen is super comfortable, meaning you can feel at ease in any summer scenario.

A coloured linen shirt is a fun way to easily change up an everyday outfit - wear yours with the sleeves rolled up, paired nicely with neutral pants or shorts and sneakers.

Linen Shorts

Shorts are perfect for the beach, park or even a casual coffee run - they are the staple to any summer wardrobe. Wear yours with sneakers and a crisp white t-shirt or a contrasting shirt to add zest to a casual outfit.

Styling Linen Pants

You can style your linen pants from the beach to the office. Opt for darker colours and, for a more tailored look, wear linen pants with a structured blazer or shirt. Linen pants also pair well with a blazer, making your look immediately business appropriate, without compromising on comfort. When thinking of how to style linen pants, remember to embrace those creases!

Styling Linen Pants

Breathable and Reliable

Linen is light, versatile and crafted from quality material, making it a valuable addition to any wardrobe. To successfully style a linen dress or when thinking how to style linen pants or a men's linen outfit, make sure to think of your overall aesthetic and if you want to project a casual, or an elevated aesthetic.

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Feel effortless with linen and inject your wardrobe with the easy-to-care-for and versatile fabric. When the weather starts to get warmer, linen is a must-have - it's trustworthy and keeps you feeling breezy, relaxed and stylish. Bring your closet to life and enjoy summer in comfort.