Bra Sizes: What counts when it comes to finding your perfect fit.

Bra Sizes: What counts when it comes to finding your perfect fit.

If you've ever wondered how bra sizes work, you're not alone.

Sporty, strapless, padded, push-up, seamless, stick-on, wire free and convertible - it can be hard to keep up. Especially when outfits or activities each demand a different bra type.

Armed with the knowledge on how to measure bra sizes and what bra is best suited to what occasion, you'll be able to slip into something more comfortable knowing it fits as good as it looks.





Let's start with the obvious, how to measure bra size. When it comes to support, a lot of the heavy-lifting (pun totally intended) comes from the band. During a bra fitting, your specialist will measure under the bust, to determine your band size, and over the bust to determine your cup size. Then they will source bras for you to try on to make sure that the size fits firmly and evenly around your body.

While many think that the straps do all the lifting, with the right band and cup size you should be able to roll the straps off and have your bra stay in place comfortably. To get the most longevity out of your bra's band, start off by wearing it on the loosest hook, so as your bra ages, you can use the second and third hooks for support.





There are so many bra types, so whether you prefer soft cups, bralettes or options with underwire, your cup size will almost always vary. The cup, (wired or not), should go right around the contour of the breast, sitting flat against your ribs without digging-in. You might find your size varies between brands and bra types. So our bra-fit specialists will help you find corresponding cup and band sizes across them all (without you having to duck out of the change rooms in between).






Of course, finding the right fit for you extends beyond the cup and band, and even a bra size chart.

What if you're looking to minimise your bust? Or what if you're looking for a convertible bra to go with that strappy top you've been dying to wear? Our specialists will help you find options to suit your needs.

And of course, once you've found your fit, we can help you get the best price on all of our biggest brands.


Visit your local store and get your bra fit today.