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Food Dehydrator

There is something about dehydrated fruit and vegetables that gives it a unique flavour. It is a method of food preservation that has long been a favourite with many European countries, and for good reason. Dehydrating food has many nutritional and cost-effective benefits than other methods of preserving. Many store-bought snacks not only contain high levels of sugar and preservatives, but they are also often expensive.

With a food dehydrator, not only will you save money by making your own healthy snacks, you know exactly what it is you are making, with only one ingredient. As food dehydrators remove the water content from the food when it's drying, the chances of bacteria growing, or food spoiling is minimal. Making it the safest method of food preservation.

Another benefit of using a food dehydrator is the extended shelf life you give to food. With some fruits and vegetables, you can extend the shelf life by up to 2 years. As the machine is designed for precision drying, food is dried evenly it is perfect for making dried fruits such as apples, apricots, and date or sun-dried tomatoes. Jerky is an ideal snack that can easily be made with a food dehydrator. There are no rules with what you can do with a food dehydrator.

Simple and Easy to Use

Get the whole family involved in making the healthiest, tastiest snacks you will ever eat thanks to Harris Scarfe. Our Healthy Choice digital dehydrator is perfect for dehydrating bread, fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish, with its unique design. With an impressive 10-tray capacity and a maximum 70-degree thermostat, you can dehydrate an abundance of food at one time.