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Shop your next microwave or convection oven today with our extensive range of ovens and accessories. Enjoy all the benefits of microwave convection cooking with our premium brands, innovative designs and the very latest in technology. Discover fast and healthy ways to cook your meals with our collection of convection microwave ovens, rotisserie ovens, food dehydrators and induction cooktops.

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What's the difference between a microwave and a convection oven?

Microwave ovens cook your food using electromagnetic microwaves, so they're a quick and easy option when defrosting, steaming and cooking.

Our convection ovens use hot air circulation to give your meal a delicious oven baked flavour with a crispy texture.

At Harris Scarfe, we have both standard microwaves and convection ovens, as well as premium combination microwave convection ovens. These will not only combine your microwave and convection oven in one, it also works as an air fryer, convection grill, yoghurt maker, dehydrator, slow cooker and warmer! This can save you money and space in the kitchen.

What to look for when buying a convection oven or microwave?

Convection cooking is becoming more popular with its innovative design and advanced technology. However, before you buy it's important to make sure your convection oven or microwave meets your needs in the kitchen. Some important things to consider when purchasing are:


Will your microwave or convection oven be on your benchtop or incorporated into your kitchen design. It's best to measure your space first to ensure you choose the right products to fit.


What do you need your microwave oven to do? Would you like it to perform microwave cooking only or are you looking for an all-in-one kitchen appliance, combining convection cooking with microwave capabilities?


Is your microwave or convection oven easy to use? Is the cooking process simple to understand? Is the product easy to clean? Usability is also something to consider when you think about product placement. If your microwave is positioned too high, it could present a safety issue or be difficult to clean. If your microwave is placed too low and accessible for children, does it have the necessary child lock functions?

The benefits of a convection oven over a standard oven

Convection ovens offer better heat distribution than standard conventional ovens, allowing your meal to be heated evenly throughout. The fan and exhaust system of a convection oven allow it to circulate hot air, reducing cool spots and balancing temperatures inside.

If you're looking for a microwave convection oven, take a look at our Smith & Nobel 30L Convection/Grill Microwave with air fryer, combining all of your favourite kitchen appliances into one!

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