At Harris Scarfe, you’ll find kettles to suit every kitchen with colours and styles to match your space. Make a statement on your bench with our versatile collection, including the popular electric kettle, sophisticated glass kettle and charming tea kettles, to complement all of your kitchen appliances. Update your kitchen decor today with your favourite brands in one spot. Find your next kettle online or in-store with Harris Scarfe.

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How to choose the best kettle for your kitchen

When browsing kettles, it's important to consider quality, design and how it will look in your kitchen. Your kettle, much like your toaster, will usually be on display, so we recommend picking a style that suits your space, your personality and, of course, matches your other kitchen appliances. All of our kettles at Harris Scarfe have been quality tested by our team of professionals so that you can choose with confidence. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to improve the overall look of your kitchen by just updating your kitchen appliances!

What do I need to know about kettles?

Kettles, originally known as tea kettles, have been staple items in kitchens across Australia for many years. Originating in the UK over a century ago, the electric kettle has evolved over the years and now comes with a clever internal heating element. This allows the kettle to boil water up to 100 degrees Celsius and then turn off, which saves the kettle from overheating and also saves power.

While they're typically used to make tea or coffee, the benefits of having boiling water in minutes can also come in handy for cooking and cleaning.

Are kettles safe?

Kettles are generally safe kitchen appliances. It's important to buy a brand that you can trust, ensuring the manufacturing process has been adhered to and meets the Australian health and safety standards. At Harris Scarfe, your safety is our priority. We only stock kettles that pass all the necessary requirements.

When using your electric kettle, always make sure there is enough water in the kettle before you set it to boil. Also, be careful not to go over the water limit. Too much or too little water can cause damage to the heating element and pressure limits. Always read through the instructions before using your new kettle to ensure you understand the safety precautions.

Does a glass kettle work as well as a standard electric kettle?

Glass kettles are always very popular with their elegant styles and easy-to-see water levels. They work just as well as normal kettles and are often favoured for their transparent nature. Watching water boil can be quite calming and makes it easier to see how much water you need.

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