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Digital Bathroom Scales

There are many out there that fear to step onto the scales, as they don't want to see the number on the screen. As such, this fear can cause anxiety and stress, particularly to those who are trying to lose weight. However, bathroom scales should be nothing to fear. In fact, they are the perfect accessory for your bathroom, as you get a clear look at your weight.

Gone are the days where mechanical scales would have to be constantly adjusted before stepping on them. More often than not, these scales would not be completely accurate, giving the user a false reading. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, bathroom scales not only give an accurate reading, but they can also measure body fat percentage and muscle mass index.

These readings give you a good understanding of not only your total weight but whether you have more muscle or fat. These numbers are particularly important if you are trying to lose weight and should be used as motivation to see a drop in weight loss.

Don't be Afraid to Step on the Scales

Here at Harris Scarfe, our range of bathroom scales are perfect for anyone to use. Made by Weight Watchers, these scales vary in price, but are well worth the investment. However, before buying a scale, it is important to read the weight capacity. For those looking for a basic scale, the Weight Watchers slimline scale gives users an accurate weight in kg (kilograms), stone/pounds (st lbs) or pounds (lb).

If you are looking for something that gives you a more in-depth reading, the easy read smart scale gives you a reading on:

- Body fat % calculator
- Body water % calculator
- Bone mass % calculator
- Bmi (body mass index) calculator

Our bathroom scales from brands Weight Watchers and Propert are perfect for anyone that is looking for a greater understanding of their weight. Discover our range both in-store and online.