There’s no better feeling than falling into the heaven of a freshly made bed. Our bedding range includes everything from underlays to pillow protectors to elevate that delicious bedtime experience.

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Are you ready to enter bedding heaven?

We think there's something incredibly special about a carefully crafted bed, complete with bed toppers, indulgent quilts and fluffy pillows. Our bedding range has everything you need to recreate that hotel-at-home experience, so get creating!

What bedding is available at Harris Scarfe?

Featuring some of Australia's most trusted brands, our bedding range includes:

Mattress toppers - Looking to make your bed that little bit comfier? Our range has something for everyone.

Mattress protectors - Your mattress is an investment, so we think you should take that extra step to keep it protected.

Bed underlays - Whether you want to create that hotel feeling, or you're looking for a bit of extra warmth - we have some great options.

Quilts - From down to bamboo, dive in and find the quilt that's right for you.

Blankets - If you are looking for extra style or extra warmth, a luxurious blanket is always a great idea.

Pillows - We love all of the options available in our pillow range, peruse and find one that's right for you.

Electric blankets - Combining technology with comfort, our range is carefully curated to keep safety front of mind without sacrificing warmth.

How do I style my bed like a pro?

To create a luxurious, welcoming sleep space, first invest in some indulgent mattress toppers or underlays and good quality pillows. We're always delightfully surprised at the way out-of-sight bedding items can make the biggest difference to how welcoming your bed both looks and feels.

Next, ensure you keep your investments in great condition with mattress and pillow protectors. This will extend their lifespan, saving you money in the long run and keeping them looking fresher for longer.

When it comes to choosing bed sheets and linen, think about more than the thread count. Flannel sheets create a rustic, cabin-like feel (and they're a dream to sleep on,) while linen offers a traditional, boho or country style, wrinkles and all. Be generous with textures, tones and layers - more is more in this situation.

Embrace imperfection when you're styling a welcoming bed. Fluffed, scattered pillows and bunched doona covers are welcome additions. Finish it all off with a throw blanket or two.

Whatever style you're going for, keep it consistent and have fun. Whatever space you fall asleep in at the end of the night, make sure you love it.

Find the right bedding at Harris Scarfe

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