Phase 2

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Phase 2

Be the Envy of Your Friends

Phase 2 Living Solutions have been supplying Affordable fabulous fashion Manchester for over 30 years and is Proudly Australian Designed & Family Owned.

You’ll find it all here at Harris Scarfe. From Quilt Covers to Pillows, be the envy of your friends by purchasing quality and affordable fashion, at the right price and place.

Co-ordinate your bedroom with a range of phase 2 products, creating ultimate comfort by pairing Phase 2 Matress toppers with Quilts and Pillows, finishing your look with one of the unbeatable Quilt Cover and Sheet sets on offer.

Phase 2 Quilt


Quilt Cover Sets Tamille (above) and Tamara (right) are available online now.  

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Tamara Phase 2