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Casa Domani Dinnerware

Casa Domani at the Home of Big Brands


Sometimes Modern, Sometimes Classic, Always Beautiful

Sometimes modern, sometimes classical, always beautiful. Casa Domani provides warmth to all homes with an assortment of ranges embracing classical, rustic and Mediterranean-inspired designs that encapsulate al fresco and provincial dining styles. Featuring classic whites, hand-painted designs, embossing and rich colour palettes, the extensive Casa Domani collection includes fine bone china, stainless steel cutlery, glassware, bakeware, accessories, and much more.

Evolve Dinnerware

Introducing a fresh and contemporary classic white collection to Casa Domani. Evolve is a comprehensive dinnerware range featuring a subtle linear texture. Made from prestige porcelain, the entire collection is microwave and dishwasher safe. Casual White Evolve is both easy to use and easy to care for, making it the perfect choice for everyday dining.


Casa Domani's Portofino range has a comfortable weight and earthy feel, with a smooth finish and a rich depth of colour. The beautiful glaze brings out the natural texture of the ironstone and gives each piece its own unique characteristics. The superior strength and durability of ironstone also make this range safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher - perfect for busy family life!


Inspired by traditional local handicrafts, the Ipanema range of dinnerware is a bold and colourful series that will invite the excitement of Mexico to your table. Its vibrant hand-painted stripes and colours add to the joy of group dining. Used alone as a table setting, Ipanema can also be mixed with Casa Domani’s ‘Portofino’ range of dinnerware and serving pieces for a meal with impact!


A perfect addition to any home, dine with the Casa Domani Pearlesque Rim and Coupe 16-piece dinner sets and servingware. With a choice of two elegant designs—either the traditional rimmed-edge finish or the contemporary coupe shape—the collection consists of plates, bowls, beverage items and accessories. Made from fine bone china and microwave and dishwasher safe, the Casa Domani Pearlesque range easily transcends everyday use and special occasions with its elegance.

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